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Overview of the Design

Like any podiatry website, the design we created for Dr. Barnes and the team at Barnes Foot & Ankle is focused on identifying the practice as the local authority on podiatric care in Portland. This is much more than a digital brochure, though. This design was created to maximize inbound podiatry marketing results and convert site visitors into new patients, both through direct promotion and physician referrals. Since Dr. Barnes speaks to a more narrow audience than a general practitioner, the idea is to highlight the unique features and credentials that set this practice apart from the competition.

From the start, visitors are met with a responsive header that includes an easy-to-use navigation menu. Guests are also informed of the bilingual services offered by Dr. Barnes, as well as the phone number at which the staff can be reached. Moving down the home page, there is a brief welcome and mention of Dr. Barnes’ honors and credentials, as well as featured links to information about the services offered and conditions treated at Barnes Foot & Ankle.

Use of Colors

The colors used on this podiatry website are not meant to stand out, but rather set the scene so that the practice can shine through. Shades of brown, black, and blue give the appearance of a solid and trustworthy physician. They also suggest that the practice is dependable and well-established, something many patients and referring physicians look for in a medical specialist.

Analysis of Design Elements

There are some special effects within this podiatry web design. The most notable feature is the header, which follows the user down the page and also contains a responsive logo. We also integrated a prominent link to the secure patient portal used by the Barnes Foot & Ankle practice. The remainder of the site design is predominately dedicated to being a source for patient education about the various conditions treated at the practice, as well as the types of treatments and solutions available from Dr. Barnes and the staff.

Marketing Aspect

We used the strongest tool we had to market Barnes Foot & Ankle – Dr. Barnes himself. Having been voted a top doctor in Portland Monthly 3 years in a row, we let his experience and reputation do the talking. Visitors are given contact information for the office, as well as an opportunity to request an appointment through an online scheduling form.

Image the Website Reflects

We carefully selected the images on this website with the intent of giving authority to the practice. Pictures of the feet and their skeletal structures speak to the purposes of the practice. The front page also hosts a blurred background image of the Portland skyline – something that is instantly recognizable to locals. Combined with a portrait of Dr. Barnes himself and the local honors he has been awarded, site visitors gain an instant impression that Dr. Barnes is someone they could get to know and trust.

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