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Overview of the Design

AVA Rejuvenation is a medical aesthetics practice focused on providing non-surgical treatments that help to rejuvenate the body both inside and out. Since this medical spa primarily caters to women, it is decidedly feminine with a softer image than many traditional medical practices. The home page contains a traditional header menu, followed by a large image and a link to schedule an appointment. Next, we spotlight several featured services, from laser skin treatments to dietary counseling.

Those considering a visit to AVA Rejuvenation can embark on a digital tour of the office and also get to know the overseeing physician before scheduling an appointment. Overall, we would consider this custom med spa web design to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and highly informative.

Use of Colors

Gray and purple were the colors of choice for this website. Gray is a soft and modern neutral that is relaxing and soothing to site visitors. Purple is a regal color that exudes luxury and importance – something patients of AVA Rejuvenation often enjoy while being pampered during treatments.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a highly visual website that utilizes a full-screen width view and large imagery on the home page. Interactive pictures link to other pages and services on the website. They also enlarge when selected. In addition, there are curves that sway throughout the website to take away the harshness that can be present on a medical website and add a soft femininity instead. Flowers, water, and pictures of women undergoing cosmetic treatments make the med spa seem approachable and well-qualified to treat the fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other skin conditions that women are often self-conscious about when visiting AVA Rejuvenation.

Marketing Aspect

Since many services in a med spa are not covered by health insurance, proper med spa marketing is essential for enjoying broad success in a competitive market. We made every effort to convert visitors to patients by displaying the med spa phone number, email address, and email subscription portal. Patient testimonials and a before and after gallery help to sway viewers who may be on the fence about a particular treatment or procedure. We also included links to the practice’s social media accounts, as well as a dedicated area of the website specifically designed for displaying treatment promotions. Finally, the integrated blog allows the practice to share valuable information with existing and future patients through regular and informative posts.

Image the Website Represents

The images on this website are of women who are seemingly happy with their appearance or otherwise excited to be undergoing a cosmetic medical treatment. The cursive font and highly professional web design are very obviously customized to the practice with the intention of building confidence in the med-spa and its services as a whole.

Medical Spa Website Designed by Optimized360

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