The Client Guide to O360

SEO & PPC Marketing

Work with the #1 Healthcare SEO Company in the world with the largest portfolio of the 1st page keywords at over 1,000. 
THE CASE FOR ONLINE MARKETING: The reason digital marketing is justified is simple. Google offers to show you who is interested in your services for amounts that is below $10-$15. That is a bargain. Besides, we can get that price down to 1/2 of that in many areas. And that explains why hiring a firm like us is a great idea.


Go to the top of the search engines by investing in knowledge and rich content that your visitors are searching for.


Get on the first page of search results in just 7 days! Pay only for those are are interested in your service.


Get low-cost exposure across social media. FaceBook and Instagram are great branding and marketing tools.


Pay-Per-Click Online Ads
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo & Facebook Ads
  • Immediate Result, Little Wait for Exposure
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Control Over Keywords & Landing Pages


Search Engine Optimization
  • Higher Ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Delayed Result but Longer-Term
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Landing Pages & Keywords are Selected by Google
What is included?

On-Site SEO.

The ultimate goal is to make your site more accessible to people and encourage engagement. We work to make your visitors happy. Below is a list of known technical SEO tactics we employ. 

  1. Competitive Research
  2. User-Friendly Navigation
  3. Meta Tags Optimization
  4. Fix Website Errors
  5. Complete Technical Analysis Report
  6. User-Friendly 404 Pages
  7. Fast-Loading Pages
  8. Google Authorship Verification
  9. Optimized Titles and Descriptions
  10. Heading Tags
  11. Keyword Analysis
  12. Proper URL Structure
  13. Optimized Internal Links
  14. Keyword Density
  15. Site Maps, Both XML and User Facing
  16. Usability and Accessibility Check
  17. Image Alt Tag
  18. Check Website Inbound and Outbound Links
  19. Competitor Analysis
  20. Live, Fact-based Statistics Dashboard

Off-Site SEO.

The goal of the off-site SEO is to build reputation and authority for your website online inviting links and references from others to you. This is a list of top known techniques. We have a few that are not well-known but are very effective. 

  1. Thorough Planning & Strategizing
  2. Do-Follow Link Building from Niche Based Sites
  3. Content Optimization on Website Pages
  4. Local Business Listing on Best Sites
  5. Quora Questions and Answers
  6. Brand Name Promotion on Top Level Sites
  7. Search Engine Submission
  8. Business Reviews on Google Result Page
  9. RSS Feed for Pages and Blogs
  10. Article Creation & Submission on High Authority Sites
  11. Blog Content Creation
  12. Social Bookmarking on High Authority Sites
  13. Classified Ads on High Authority and Local Sites
  14. Forum Posting on Niche-Based and High DA sites
  15. Blog Comments on Niche Based Sites
  16. Boosting Traffic by Promoting Content
  17. Blog/Article Writing and Promotion
  18. Web 2.0 on High DA Sites
  19. Sky-scraping Content Technique
  20. Guest Posting on High PR and High DA Sites

PPC Management.

The goal is to get you the maximum number of patients for the lowest investment possible. What we can do to achieve that goal is included. Working with thousands of practices like yours is a great asset.

  1. Detailed evaluation of your website and its quality
  2. Study and analysis of the competition in your area
  3. Keyword data evaluation and Smart Keyword selection 
  4. Landing page optimization 
  5. Ad copywriting based on years of experience
  6. High conversion geo-targeting and scheduling
  7. Audience targeting for maximum conversion
  8. Fraud protection software to prevent competitors clicks
  9. Google Search Console setup and connection
  10. Google Analytics and conversion tracking Setup
  11. Improving the quality score resulting in lower cost
  12. Applying savings by improving the click-through-rate
  13. Landing page improvements for better conversion
  14. Account, Campaign and Ad Group setup for the best quality score
  15. Continuous review of the results & improvement of the campaigns
  16. This is an open-book program and simply month-to-month. 
  17. No long-term contract.
  18. Control over the ad budget 
  19. Modification of monthly budget when needed
  20. Live and Dynamic, Fact-based Statistics Dashboard


Not everything we do is included in the list above. There is a lot we do that is considered our trade secrets (proprietary) and they are not listed. Our goal is to get results and our reporting will reflect the results of our work. 

Also, this is not a checklist or a to-do list. Most items are taken care of as technical SEO and done for everyone. But, while any of the above can be part of the SEO campaign, the decision on what needs to be done, when and how is made by us based on what works best in your specific case. There are many factors involved, most importantly the competition. So, one SEO campaign may focus on content 99% of the time and another mostly on link build-up.


by the numbers
Ad Impressions (Ads Were Viewed)
Patients Visits to Clients' Webites
Calls and Appointment Requests
75 %
Average Saving on Ads Cost


by the numbers
Ranked # 1
On Google For 45 Dental & Medical Specialties
Over 998
Healthcare Keywords on Page One of Google
4 -Star
Rating on Google Earned from Clients
2100 Websites
Successfully Completed by Our team
Why PPC with O360?
The Lowest Per-Patient Cost in the Industry

So many doctors have given up on online marketing because they have spent a lot of their hard-earned money directly or through an agency without getting results.

The number one reason? They have not been able control the cost and stay away from the brutal constant bidding wars.

We pay the same per prospect fee that we paid five years ago and that is unheard of. We offer an open book package. You can see how we handle your money dollar by dollar, and the moment you don’t see the value, you are free to move on. But you won’t, because we will make sure you see an ROI that makes you smile.


A 5-Star Google Ranking

Even though our product is #1, our clients are the ones that come first. We have proven that we care about you by earning the highest number of four and five-star reviews on Google in our industry.

Why SEO with O360?
Ranked #1 in the World.

We can help you improve your ranking better than anyone. And there is a good reason for that. Optimized360 is ranked NUMBER ONE for more dental & medical keywords than all of our top 10 Healthcare Marketing companies combined!

There is no other company in the industry that can claim superior SEO knowledge in comparison to O360. If they could, they would be #1. 

Why settle for anything but THE BEST?


Start Seeing Results Quickly

Most of our clients start seeing movement in just three months. We do not want to over-promise, but, even the first few techniques that we implement can give your website a push for a higher rank in just a couple of weeks. 

Time to give online marketing another go.

If you have done online marketing or SEO and have not been successful, let us show you why skilled marketers make money with both PPC and SEO every single day. If this is a new campaign, this could be the online one you need. Don’t miss the chance of dominating your area online.


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Our Process.


1) Research

We perform a rigorous audit of your market space, learning about your practice, the clientele and your competition. Then the focus is turned on keyword research, landing page analysis, website readiness and other relevant items.


2) Planning

Planning is the most crucial step in determining success in SEO and PPC campaigns. Nothing should be missed, we guard your investment as if it is our own. Every dollar that is spent must make a difference.



3) Execution

A great plan requires a meticulous execution and that is what we specialize in. We look at every aspect of the campaign to ensure a flawless implementation of the ideas.


4) Monitoring

Both your PPC and SEO campaigns will be rigorously monitored and continuously optimized keeping up-to-date with the need of the website and algorithm updates by the search engines.



5) Reporting

Not only you will have direct access to your account statistics, but we also provide monthly reports, a visual, live dashboard and on-demand monthly phone consultations.



What is the 0360's role?

Most online marketing campaigns fail because the ROI is just not good enough. The main reason for that is the lack of experience combines with the complexity of the online ads platforms. One can spend a lot on Google, Facebook and other search engines paying for visitors to his/her website who are not prospective patients.

No one I know clicks on the ads. Why pay for them?

That is an interesting statement. Isn’t it? Yet we hear it often. If no one clicks on the ads, what is the concern then. Google charges based on the number of visitors, if no one clicks on the ads, you will just get great exposure without paying for it. 

But, people do click on the ads. As a matter of fact over 30% of them do. That is why Google makes over 100 billion dollar a year. 

You want to pay for the ads because it is the least expensive way of finding patinet who are interested in your service.


what is the 0360's role?

Our role is to make sure your investment is not wasted on meaningless list of to-dos from gurus who simply sell the services they recommend. 

For your website to get high ranking, it needs to be useful to patients and offer value. It also needs to build a great reputation online. As the #1 healthcare SEO company in the world, O360 is in a unique position to help you achieve those goals which translated to higher ranking for popular and relevant keywords.

How do I know you guys actually do anything?

By simply looking at the results. We are the only SEO company in the industry that offers a live, third-party dashboard that shows the result of our work day by day. 

While there will be fluctuation in the movements of the keywords, the overall improvement will be visible after a couple of months. 

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