Why Consistent Blogging is a Must for Every Medical Professional

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The world of online marketing is always changing. Search engines alter their algorithms, there’s a new player in paid search in town, and websites need to be redesigned. But what doesn’t change is the importance of content. Sure, how you write content and where you publish it to might change, but content has been for several years now the king of online marketing and the crux of success. They say content is king for a reason.

But how do you create content once your web pages have been set up? Blogging is the most effective way to continually populate your website with useful, shareable content that truly speaks to your audience and has an impact on your marketing efforts.

In 2017, 66% of marketers reported using blogs in their social media content. (Social Media Examiner)


blogging is important for medical practices
Blogging is an important part of your medical marketing strategy for many reasons, including attracting new patients and getting your name out to your existing patients’ networks.

Why do marketers use blogging? Because hands down blogging has the longest term ROI than traditional marketing efforts. Here’s why:

  • Attract New Visitors To Your Website
    As a physician, your goal is likely to use your healthcare website to grow your practice and funnel in new leads. Doing so requires your search engine optimization be fine tuned to know what people are seeking answers to and providing content that meets their demands.Once you begin to answer these questions using your content it will be indexed in search engines and show up in searches over time.
  • Stand Out From Your Competition
    You’re different than the doctor down the street, so make it a point to show that in your blog posts. By blogging about what’s happening at your practice, new technologies you’ve adopted, and anything else that shows how you’re different, you’re giving patients a front row seat to watching how your practice is unique.
  • Engage Visitors
    One of the main metrics Google uses to determine website ranking in their search engine is on-site engagement. A blog keeps people on your website, encourages them to click around by reading other blog posts, and encourages them to share your post with their social networks.
  • Get Your Name Out There
    Because blog posts are often shared by visitors to your website, your practice is getting free visibility to a vast network of connections that might need your services. And because the post is shared by people’s friends there’s an inherent trust that comes as a result.

We know blogging is an important part of marketing for doctors, but what do you do if you aren’t a marketer? Ideally, you’d work with a medical marketing company who knows how to serve your practice and your audience. When working with a company it’s important that you play a part in creating topics that work for your audience.


medical blog post ideas
Contrary to what you might think, there’s an endless amount of blog topics available to your practice. Working with an experienced marketing team can help you brainstorm the best options for your practice’s goals.

Here are some ideas on what you can post about:

Online Reviews
People love your practice and have great things to say about it. Be sure to share some of your best reviews on your blog, so other people can see and share what the buzz is all about. If you are still working on building your online reputation, it might be time to look at a reputation management strategy. Learn how reputation management is critical to your success and is totally in your control.

Frequently Asked Questions
There are likely questions you get from patients every day. Why not turn your blog into a place where people get answers to these questions. This not only increases your visibility online, but also shows you’re helpful. Additionally, by providing answers to these questions online you might end up freeing yourself and your office staff up from having to answer the questions in person or via email.

FAQs also make for great video content, which is shareable across a range of social networks and growing in popularity. Read about the importance of using video in your marketing.

New Technologies
Your work hard to offer the best care to your patients and part of that includes learning about the latest and greatest technologies and treatments out there. Anytime you adopt a new treatment or learn something, take some time to share that with your audience via your blog.

Upcoming Events or Office News
There’s always something going on at your practice. Your blog is a great place to share the news about what’s happening and how patients might get involved. Hosting a fundraiser to increase awareness of cancer? Use your blog to spread the word and maybe even get a donation. Offering a class on nutrition? Include a signup sheet on your blog and ask people to invite friends.

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