Updating Your Dental Website

When Did You Last Update Your Dental Website?

Why does it matter if your dental website is updated?

The storefronts of days past are now websites. As prospective patients stroll through, you want them to be so attracted by what they see that they will stay long enough to take action. Patient engagement is key in this endeavor. Your website needs to provide patients with the first positive encounter they will have with you. Make sure your website introduces you and your “brand.” You know, what makes you different from the dentist down the street. Different patients will connect with different aspects of your page, so while staying true to your brand, offer information in a variety of ways. Some people may prefer the informality of a blog post, while others seek the procedure articles and videos. Many want to hear from your patients, so reviews and testimonials are the way to ensure you reach those seeking personal connections.

An outdated website simply looks unprofessional. People want to trust that their dentist will provide the best care available right now, not what was new five years ago. If your website is a cookie-cutter static page, it is time to take action. New fresh content makes patients happy, but it also makes Google happy. It may not seem like something as simple as updated photos or videos would affect patient trust, but it does. When a new patient shows up at your office and it is different from what they see online, they wonder what else is not as you presented online. Consistency is important.

First Impressions Online Matter, Even for Dental Practices

Making Good First Impression on PatientsAn interior designer can take your office from drab and outdated to modern and inviting. It is no different online. An experienced dental website designer can reel people in with a combination of visual design and content. Modern website design evolves, just as your practice evolves. Dental online marketing teams keep up with these trends and know how to help your practice make the best first impression possible. Make sure your web page is doing the equivalent of presenting you from your good side.

As Google’s Algorithms Change, So Must Your Website

Google regularly changes their algorithms. The trend has been heading towards rewarding user-friendly sites for some time. A mix of videos and written content is important. Google is looking for how you connect to your patients. When they see that patients actually watch your videos, click on your educational articles, and read your blog, it all helps make you more visible.

No longer will keyword stuffing be the way to go to improve ranking. Link building is dropping off the radar along with keyword stuffing. That is not to say these things are obsolete, they just need to be done differently to fit the new formulas. Local searches do benefit from adding your presence to the world of Google Maps. When a prospective patient is looking for someone in their area, if you show up on Maps, they will take a look. Once a person visits your website, you have a short period of time to get them to stay. Google knows that patients want to feel connected. Simple things like patient testimonials that pop-up front and center allow a personal connection that is recognized.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Making Your Site Mobile ResponsiveThree years ago, more than 65% of adults used their cell phones for online searches. Three. Years. Ago. Smartphone usage continues to rise as data plans adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. People, in general, are more mobile nowadays. They want to be able to search and locate while on-the-go. If your website was not built on a platform that automatically adapts to mobile technology, you will lose people quickly. Prospective patients who search from mobile devices still expect to maneuver through content, videos, and promotions easily.

Well designed sites will have text that is easy to read, even on the smaller mobile devices. The call to action feature should be visible on every page so prospective patients are literally just a click away from scheduling an appointment.

Updated Photos and Videos Keep You Relevant

When a new visitor to your website perceives the images and videos to be outdated, they often assume the services you offer are outdated as well. In order to attract new patients and also keep current patients happy, make sure your online presence demonstrates that you offer cutting edge services. Wipe out those videos of procedures that changed five years ago. If a new procedure took its place, change the videos and content to reflect the upgrades.

Add New Products, Procedures, or Promotions to Your Website to Make Your Practice Stand-Out

As your practice evolves and changes, make sure your website keeps up. If you have recently implemented a new promotion, such as a free home whitening kit with the purchase of an in-office treatment, tell the internet about it. Have you decided to increase your discount for patients who are uninsured? Let them know on your site. Everyone expects the free toothbrush and mini tube of toothpaste, so many dentists have embraced out of the box ideas. Perhaps you have a program that allows patients to earn free items, such as movie or car wash passes. As a bonus, the business relationships you build in your community when offering what some may deem as “cheesy” promotions, often benefits both parties. Relationship building is a good thing.

Put your continuing education to good use. As you train to become proficient in new dental procedures, add videos and information to your website to introduce the services. New equipment and technologies are created on a regular basis that provides more effective, patient-friendly procedures. Make it clear to your patients that you are willing to invest in top-notch care.

Let’s Recap:

An updated website is extremely important to your marketing campaign. People are using the web as their go-to search engine for dental and medical providers. They want to see what you and your practice are all about before they ever set foot in your building. Give them a chance to get to know you so they cannot resist clicking that “call to set up an appointment” button.

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