Do you know what goes into a beautiful dermatology website?

What to Look For In a Great Dermatology Website Design



Updating your dermatology website is very similar to updating your dermatology office. It is the first impression just about all prospective patients will have of your brand. You want to make sure your patients feel comfortable and ensure they have a pleasant experience. However, it takes serious planning and thoughtful work to get there.

Before you begin the “remodel” of your website, be sure you have mapped out the following key components of a successful site.

High Quality Images and Photographs

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in dermatology, and the images you put on your website will speak volumes about the pride you take in your practice and the services you perform. A website that’s thrown together using poor quality images and a shoestring budget often invites a lack of trust with potential patients and plays a direct role in whether they decide to stay on your website.

Responsive Web Design

Perhaps the most important ingredient to a great dermatology website is responsiveness. In a nutshell, a responsive website is one that is mobile friendly or accessible across all devices. If your current website is not mobile friendly, it is definitely time for an upgrade. A recent study by Hitwise revealed that nearly 60 percent of searches are now conducted from mobile devices. Make your website responsive to capture these opportunities!

Engaging Quality Videos

With the popularity of platforms like YouTube it is no secret that people love watching videos. Placing high-quality videos on your website is a great way to introduce you, your staff and your practice to prospective new patients before they ever step foot through your door.

Clean, Consistent, and User-Friendly

When designing the layout of your site, be sure to oversimplify it. A frustrated web visitor will leave your page and result in the loss of a potential patient. Drop-down menus are great for making your content accessible across the landscape of your site. Keep your colors, fonts and layout style consistent, every page does not need a new color and style. Keep it simple and avoid dark backgrounds that can cause eye strain.

Engage Your Target Audience

You want your website to grab the attention of your ideal patient. If you are a pediatric dermatologists, you do not want your site to resemble that of an cosmetic surgeon for adults. The goal is to connect with your clients by showing photos they can identify with. This also means having well written copy that appeals and showcase your expertise to new patients.


Patient Privacy

Maintaining patient security and privacy via HIPAA compliance in your dermatology practice is of the utmost importance. Look for website platforms that allow you to offer your HIPAA-compliant patient forms online. Be sure that you have the proper SSL Certificates in place to encrypt any data sent to and from your website to other healthcare practitioner and other web users.

Call to Action

Lastly, add a call to action for your patients on your site. This can be easily accomplished by a sentence that simply says “Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our trusted dermatologists.” Within this sentence, you can include a hyperlink that opens a user’s default email application automatically on their device.  Or you can build a “contact us” form into the site where they fill in their information, submit, and then you contact them.

When it comes to designing your new dermatology website, it is helpful to have a game plan before you start. Keep these key elements in mind and if budget allows seek the assistance of a professional web design firm like the experts at Optimized360.


See some great dermatology website designs by following this link:


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