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What Mothers Look For When Choosing An OBGYN

Choosing an OBGYN is serious business for expectant mothers. The internet has changed the way obstetricians and gynecologists gain the trust and loyalty of prospective patients. In the past, word of mouth was often enough to bring new patients to your practice. While you may still pick up a few new patients in this manner, an online presence is much more effective in reaching large numbers of women. OBGYN website design must be more than a static page full of contact information. Most expectant moms have grown up with access to technology, so they expect an interactive experience when seeking a qualified OBGYN.

Harness the Power of Social Media


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YouTube and Facebook are only two of the platforms that have played a major role in modern day medical marketing tactics. An expectant mother can type in a question and connect to numerous videos on YouTube that will answer her question in great detail. In order to tap into this phenomenon, you must plan to add custom content, like educational videos, to your website. Expectant mothers will look for quality information that is kept up-to-date.

Facebook and Twitter can give you an advantage over competitors by adding a personal touch to your online presence. Visibility is crucial to being found by the right people. Visitors are able to view testimonials from current patients and even interact online to learn more about you and your practice. As you add information and tips to help both expectant and new mothers on their journey, you establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Create Connections and Make it Easy

Blogs offer an additional chance to connect with mothers-to-be. For those who prefer learning about services in a setting that is a bit more structured than Twitter, a blog post is the perfect mixture of valuable content and personal connection. By updating your blog on a regular basis, prospective patients have access to a plethora of relevant information. Many questions arise after hours, so when you offer quality information on your blog, visitors will return when they have new questions. Regular updates also help improve search engine ranking since they foster web-based traffic.

Expecting a child can create anxiety for new and seasoned parents. Making it easy for them to access patient materials before they set foot in your office will put many expectant moms at ease. If they are able to see that you offer options like a patient portal, online prescription renewals, and an appointment scheduler, you will have made it clear that you are a professional who values their time.

Set Yourself Apart


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Expectant mothers tend to look for emotional connections when visiting OBGYN websites during the search process. Custom website design is the best way to guarantee visitors will not turn away simply because there is nothing that stands out as special on your website. When choosing an OBGYN, expectant mothers want the best for their precious bundles of joy. The quality of your website conveys a message, whether perceived or factual, about the quality of care women will receive from your practice.

Since the best is what they expect, invest in an OBGYN website design that will celebrate your strengths. Expectant mothers should be able to envision the superior care offered by you and your staff. Make your website shine with high-quality images and professional photography that shows off why you deserve their business. You want expectant mothers to feel confident in the care they will receive, so making them comfortable online is important. Each portion of your website should have a specific purpose and not be designed just to fill blank space.

SEO and Local Searches

The effectiveness of your medical marketing strategies will become clear by your organic search engine ranking and patient conversion rates. Take steps to ensure you are a top performer in the eyes of the people in your area. It is crucial to study the demographics of your target audience so people looking for your services can find you. Make sure all of your practice’s social media accounts link to your website and vice versa. It is also wise to build relationships with complementary local businesses to exchange links that will add credibility to your practice.

A local search should not only provide your website’s URL, but it should also pull up ratings and testimonials from current patients. A quick snapshot of your practice with a call to action button that removes communication barriers makes it convenient for prospective patients to set up an appointment. In order for the links to be effective, be sure the design functions well across all devices. At the very minimum, mobile compatibility is essential in today’s technological world. Compatibility will allow visitors to view your website, but it takes a responsive design to truly function well on smaller screens and fall under the term “optimized.” Ranking algorithms love it when your website is easily accessible and lends itself to longer visitor retention.

Make Your Presence Known


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Expectant mothers want an OBGYN to care as much about their unborn baby as they do, so use your website to show them why they should click that call to action button. Since the main purpose of a website is to convert visitors to patients, be willing to invest in an OBGYN website design that is optimized for online success. Be sure that part of your medical marketing package includes social media management. Expectant mothers rely on the communication offered through social media accounts to learn from their peers and from medical practitioners.

Blogs are an extension of your website that should be included in your marketing plan. They are a relatively quick way to share new information about services or special promotions. It is strongly recommended that you further set yourself apart from the competition by opting for a custom built website design such as that offered by Optimized360. You will come out ahead of the pack with a website that is already search engine optimized. As a bonus, your custom OBGYN website design will be responsive so that it functions seamlessly across devices.

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