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What is Content Marketing and How are Healthcare Professionals Using It?

What are we talking about here?

Content marketing is a technique used to take valuable information which is relevant for your patients, put it into various forms, and share it with an audience. Dentists and physicians can tap into this technique to share the answers to commonly asked questions. When visitors come across information they had not even thought to question yet, they tend to view the person sharing as a reliable expert in their field. Medical and dental marketing ideas that focus on delivering content in ways that put patients at ease are more likely to bring those patients through your door.

Quality vs. Quantity


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How can you tell if website design for dentists offers content that is deemed valuable? People eat it up! Rather than clicking through quickly, visitors stop long enough to read, view, or somehow interact with the content. An advertisement may attract someone’s attention, but if they arrive at a site that falls short in terms of providing them with anything of value, they will seek the information elsewhere.

Spam goes to a special mailbox intentionally. People don’t appreciate being bombarded by material they find irrelevant. Content marketing as part of a larger medical marketing strategy must walk a fine line. If a newsletter is part of a dentist’s email campaign, it is only an effective piece of the content marketing campaign if there is enough of value that readers identify it as a key factor in their decision making process. Superior content marketing eliminates the need for high-pressure sales tactics. When prospective patients have access to high-quality content, they already perceive you as a credible authority in your field, so it is just a matter of time and scheduling factors before they come in for their first visit.

Content Makes Marketing Possible

Even if you rely on a diverse portfolio of marketing practices, content marketing should be included for those current and prospective patients who rely on the internet. Content is a big part of any good social media marketing campaign. Visitors who are on the search for top-notch physicians and dentists will likely come across you and your practice when performing local searches. Since they are comfortable on social media, they may look to see what you offer. If they find valuable content, they will dig deeper.

Search engines will rank a medical website design higher if it regularly updates and adds quality content. SEO is boosted further when activity increases and inbound links are generated naturally. Content marketing is one of the best ways to ensure you will be found online by prospective patients who are looking for your services. Public relations (PR) strategies are fully supported by quality content. Dentists and physicians who demonstrate they care about patients by taking the time to provide superb content have essentially used the content as the driving force behind their PR campaign.

A strategy like content marketing only works if the building blocks are present. Therefore, it is vital that the marketing team has first established a content strategy that will address which content will be shared and the timeline for release. As new content makes its way to the public and the public makes its way back to you, it is clear the role that content plays on inbound marketing. As people engage with content online, the engagement generates traffic and leads.

Why focus on content marketing?


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What is it that content marketing can do for your practice? Knowing the definition of a particular medical marketing strategy does not necessarily make it more effective. Understanding why certain medical and dental marketing strategies like content marketing are important helps you look objectively at how people process problems and solutions.

Picture this:  A person may realize their tooth has been aching for a while without actually planning to visit a dentist. They know something is up, but have not begun to think of a workable solution. Once they come to the realization they need the intervention of a dental provider, they begin their research phase. Google is full of generic information on many topics. Reality begins to sink in and they realize they need to focus on local searches to find dentists nearby to take care of the problem. Here is where your content truly comes into play. If you have poignant, relevant information readily available, you will stand out from the crowd. Fully trusting your expertise, they are ready to click that call to action button to schedule an appointment.

What types of content work?

Website design for dentists and physicians should incorporate content marketing strategies into the make-up of their individual webpages. A webpage that offers valuable content that answers questions people didn’t know they had is a solid piece of content marketing.

Videos are becoming more popular the more hurried our society becomes. A visitor can listen and watch a snippet of high-quality content on the go or from the comfort of their home. Technology advances have brought the cost of professional quality video into reach.

Tap into the world of iTunes subscribers and YouTubers by adding podcasts to your content marketing strategy. Prospective patients receive free information and you are set up as an authority in your field.

Many people do not prefer taking the time to read long articles to learn about various topics of interest. Enter the infographic. Infographics are a mix of snippets of information, statistics, charts, and supporting graphs. They are one document that can be easily shared.

How can we help?

Optimized360 helps you engage with your target audience. We work closely with medical and dental professionals on dental and medical website design that incorporates the use of high-quality content from launch. An active online presence which includes dental marketing ideas that effectively call on content marketing tactics to boost conversions and improve ROI is one way we help build your online reputation. By ensuring the content that is put forth in your name is relevant to those seeking your services, we help make sure both current and prospective patients find answers to their questions and are comfortable coming to you for solutions.

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