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Understanding Healthcare When Creating a Medical Website Design

Understanding an industry is absolutely essential before creating a website for a business within that industry. However, this is especially important when you are talking about the medical industry. As one of the most regulated industries in the world, both by government agencies and by consumers, the medical industry is rife with website designs that failed for technical reasons, not because the services that the doctor provided were somehow inferior. Here is a short list of what you should take into account before you create any medical website design.

The Doctor’s Medical Niche

Although you do not want to overwhelm any of your potential clients with too much industry lingo, it is definitely a good thing if you come across as an expert in your field. Understanding the ins and outs of healthcare for a doctor’s particular niche is incredibly important when presenting that doctor on his or her website. People may not understand exactly what a doctor says on his or her website, but they want to know that they are talking to an expert in the field before they trust their health to that medical professional.

Specialists also have a need for very precise description. A medical website must understand enough about healthcare to describe a particular type of medical care in the way that potential patients will understand.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy


Medical Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Professionals


Any medical website design, no matter how robust or organized it may be, is useless if it does not get traction in the major search engines. One of the best ways to increase the visibility of a website in Google is to create a website that is relevant to the latest news in that industry. The only way to understand how to connect your website to the latest news updates that actually matter is to understand modern health care inside and out.

Some of the more advanced techniques that you may used to bolster your website’s relevance and visibility include a syndicated newsfeed on the website, blogs about the latest news in an industry or a page that directly addresses the latest concerns in a medical specialty. This is not something that can simply be freestyled by a web designer who does not understand healthcare.

Link Strategy

Another way for a medical website to gain visibility in the major search engines and engender trust within its audience is to consistently link out to other medical websites with a solid reputation. If a medical website is going to have a blog or speak on a specialty, people will likely want to know where they can go to find more information. If you do not understand modern healthcare, then you may send them to a website that does not have the gravitas you require. This will not only be offputting to your online audience, but it may reduce the foot traffic in the office of that doctor.

Design Norms


Being Different


There are certain web design norms that tend to attract people to medical websites. These norms are different for different kinds of doctors. If you are going to create a medical website for a doctor, then you need to understand the difference between how a surgeon and a family practitioner organizes his or her website.

Certain doctors may provide treatment specifically for children. There is a definitive way in which these websites organize themselves, especially when compared to doctors that are specialists in adult treatment. This is just one example of how understanding healthcare will affect your design norms, but there are many others. Make sure that you properly research the market niche that a doctor is aiming for before you waste time trying to create a general looking template that will not work in the modern medical business landscape.

Keeping everything above in mind during your design phase will ensure that your medical website will stand the test of time. If you are looking to create a web presence that lasts, then an understanding of health care will accentuate the process. Follow the tips above to make sure that your site is created up to the modern standard of the medical industry as well as the potential customers that the site will eventually attract.

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