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Top 5 Dental Surgeon Websites

The following five dental surgeon websites embrace the principles of cross-device design and provide an excellent viewing and interaction experience for potential customers regardless of platform. These site designs make it easy for a site visitor to navigate pages, get the information they are looking for, and contact the business. A well-designed site is a powerful asset for acquiring new business and maintaining relationships with existing customers. In the modern web, it is extremely important to pay close attention to mobile website design as more guests are accessing websites on mobile devices than traditional desktop and laptop computers. ComScore found that mobile devices overtook traditional computers in total web traffic in 2013. According to a SimilarWeb State of the Mobile Web US 2015 report,  56 percent of consumer traffic comes from mobile devices.

What is Responsive Design? What are its Goals?

The goal of responsive web design is to create a single website that serves all possible device types. It works by changing how content is displayed based on the screen or window resolution of the device or browser displaying the page. Modern websites are tasked with the job of displaying the same information across multiple device types with wildly varying screen sizes.  In the early 2000s, web designers could anticipate the average site visitor was on a desktop computer with a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. This is no longer the case. When Internet-connected mobile devices with web browsers entered the market, websites handled this change by building two different websites: a desktop site and a mobile site. A few years later tablets entered the fray and devices of all classes started featuring a wide range of screen size variations. At this point, it made more sense to develop a single site for all devices that adjusts to the screen size instead of three different sites built to support the respective lowest common denominator.

1. OC Oral & Facial Surgical Specialists

OC Oral & Facial Surgical Specialists homepage


It’s a close call between the top two front runners, but this one takes it. OC Oral & Facial Surgical Specialists is another prime example of a dental surgeon website that embraces responsive design. The page design takes advantage of the full-screen real estate on large-screen desktop computers while being able to adjust itself to better display content as the screen size shrinks.  The site does a fantastic job of reworking its navigation to play on the strengths of the respective screen size related device types while making it incredibly easy to find the contact information on every page. The page actually manages to rearrange content better than any other site on the list. The only noticeable downside is some text appears a little small on mobile devices, but it’s not enough to impact the typical user’s experience. Additionally, the site’s two-tier navigation system is fantastic for a guest trying to find specific information on a site that’s loaded with quality information. This site embodies a design that’s built from mobile up to desktop instead of the other way around. This is clear in how the site uses larger, touch-friendly buttons for links and displays articles and links in a scaffolding grid. From a usability standpoint, mobile sites don’t get much better than this. It feels like a full website regardless of the device the guest is using to see it.

2. Clifton Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.A. 

Clifton homepage


Clifton Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery features an incredibly well-designed website that fully embraces responsive design concepts. All the information is easy to find on all screen sizes. Guests can see the site adjusting itself on a desktop computer by shrinking and expanding the window. If it’s on the desktop site, it’s on the mobile site: there are no content compromises here. This is a great feature because if a potential customer is trying to compare their notes and view the website at the same time, the website is able to re-align itself so all the content appears on the page without needing horizontal scrolling while the browser is set to occupy half of the screen. The site’s easy-to-use menu appears across the top bar when in desktop mode and changes to a touch-friendly drop menu for other devices. The page content gracefully expands to occupy screen real estate for large screens and thins out for friendly scrolling on mobile devices.  Contact and booking information is prominently displayed on the top of every page, office hours are easy to find, load times are lightning fast, and text is easy to read.

3. Inland Valley Oral Surgery & Implant Center 

Inland Valley homepage


Inland Valley Oral Surgery & Implant Center sports attractively designed desktop and mobile sites. The desktop site is easy to navigate and puts all the important contact and appointment scheduling information in the header, making it easy for potential customers looking to contact the business. This is a site that focuses on communication. In addition to having easily available contact information, the homepage also features a quick contact option for comments and assistance.  The navigation balances the line well between having plenty of information and not overwhelming the visitor with a sea of unimportant links. The different pages divide content into manageable chunks that are both easy to understand and lend to fast load times. The mobile site plays to the strengths of the device type but ends up sacrificing much of the procedure information found on the full site in order to accommodate the smaller screen.

4. TorriMed Oral Surgery and Dental Implants  

Torrimed homepage


TorriMed Oral Surgery and Dental Implants features vibrantly designed desktop and mobile websites. The desktop site is tailored to be more of an informative site whereas the mobile site changes the emphasis into easy contact for the guest. This site does an excellent job of focusing on the content that matters the most to the customer. The site features nine pages that are all loaded with helpful information for attracting customers, which is actually a positive thing because there’s no fluff wasting space on this site. Despite having two different sites, all information is available on both platforms.

5. North Coast Oral Surgery 

North Coast homepage


The North Coast Oral Surgery has a very relaxed and comfortable vibe to it, which lends itself a welcoming feel to attract new customers. The design embraces calming nature scenes in its imagery and color scheme, which is a nice touch many sites skip out on by making the hard-sell with only business-related shots. This site features separate desktop and mobile sites, but the two share the same design themes so they come off as a shared site experience. Again as with many other mobile sites, the layout on the light version is built to direct the guest to contact information versus research information. However, all the content is present on both platforms.

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