Top 7 PHYSICIAN Websites of 2018 and 2019

Top 7 Physician Websites of 2018 and 2019

#1. Alexey Markelov Plastic Surgery Website website screenshot as #10 physician website

Dr. Markelov’s website is a beautiful, modern website that has inspired many physicians websites across the country since 2018. You can see other modern medical websites designed by O360 here.

Visit the #1 Physician Website –

#2. Vinay Shah MD OBGYN Website website screenshot as #10 physician website

Dr. Shah’s website is a modern, very inviting website design by the Optimized360 team to attract OBGYN patients to her practice. The website is one of the most successful websites in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Visit the #2 Physician Website –

#3. Houston Urgent Care Website website screenshot as #10 physician website

One of the fastest growing medical practices across the USA has been the Urgent Care centers. Because they offer cost savings and high quality of patient care, these practices have grown quickly. Websites that are designed for them, including this one, need to give information that is easy to find very quickly, and still be friendly and inviting without overwhelming a patient or a family member that is most likely in an high-stress situation. 

Visit the #3 Physician Website –

#4. Metro Colon & Rectal Surgery Website website screenshot as #10 physician website

It is not easy to keep things professional, yet, colorful, positive and inspiring. This GI specialty website is one of the best professional designs done by the medical web design team at O360. The design was completed in 2018 and now enjoys a high volume of patient visits. 

Visit the #4 Physician Website –

#5. Dr. Samara Churgin Plastic Surgery Site website screenshot as #10 physician website

Unique seems to be the best single word that describes this beautiful, plastic surgery websites. It is a cross between class, attention to details, luxury and elegance and old-style reliable medical knowledge. Very few websites on the internet give you such feeling. The site is designed by O360, creative director Belinda Tran in close cooperation with the doctor and her family.

Visit the #5 Physician Website –

#6. Freez The Fat Website website screenshot as #6 physician website This beautiful and functional medical website focuses on Cool Sculpting technology. The site is informative and full of useful content. Our team has picked the site as one of the best 2018 medical websites mostly due to its functionality.
Visit the #6 Physician Website –


Web md website ( screenshot as #10 physician website While the site contains a huge number of medical articles, it may be too basic for the physician themselves. Buy, if you are looking for medical information about diseases and medications, this is a pretty good source. Just take it easy on self-diagnosis!
Visit the #7 Physician Website –

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