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Things new OBGYN practices need to know

For years, many people who aspire to become a practicing OBGYN have had a clear path laid out for them. They need to excel in college to attend medical school. They need to excel in medical school to match into a competitive residency program. They need to finish at the top of their residency program to set up a successful practice. After hiring partners and purchasing a location to set up their practice they sign a contract with a hospital. After all of these dominoes have fallen into place, what comes next? What should an OBGYN do after setting up their practice? A successful practice is run like a business and a business needs customers, or patients, to be successful. How does an OBGYN practice attract patients?

A Successful OBGYN Practice Needs an Effective Website


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Most people understand that customers use the internet to track down the products or services that they’re interested in because many people skip over commercials and no longer read print ads. This means that the practice needs a website that is visible to people who enter certain queries into search engines. When an OBGYN practice is deciding how to set up their website, they are often deciding whether or not to go with a template website design or a custom OBGYN website design. There are several factors that a potential practice needs to keep in mind.

A Custom Website Design Has Lower Monthly Fees

A young practice is always concerned about overhead costs. While a practice might be discouraged because a custom website design for OBGYN has a higher up-front cost, it also has significantly lower monthly fees. Some custom website design companies don’t even have monthly fees at all. Remember that if the practice pays for monthly fees, they should be getting something for this monthly fee. A template website design usually doesn’t do anything with the website once it’s set up. This means that these monthly fees are going to waste. A custom website design has lower monthly fees and the practice receives significant benefits for their money.

Custom Websites are Designed for Visibility


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The entire goal of having an OBGYN website design is to increase the visibility of the practice. This means that the practice needs to end up on the first page of the search engine query to ensure that people see the website before clicking on a competitor’s website. A custom website design will set up this website for search engine optimization. This is the term given to the practice of designing a website to wind up high on the results page. For example, there are certain common phrases that people enter when looking for an OBGYN. A custom website design will have these phrases in key locations throughout the website to increase the ranking. In addition, a custom website designer will include plenty of links to internal pages within the website and to reputable external sources. These links will also help the practice increase its search engine results ranking.

The Relationship with the Custom Website Designer is Important

An OBGYN practice who decides to go with a custom website design for OBGYN has a stronger relationship with their designer. This is important for several reasons. First, this relationship means that the OBGYN works together with the designer to make sure that the website suits their needs. This is important because the practice is going to take ownership for their website. Second, the custom website company will maintain the website. They will keep the pictures and videos updated with recent date tags. This is vital to a search engine ranking because regularly updating the multimedia is one of the keys to search engine optimization. Finally, the custom website designer knows that the needs of the practice will change as the practice grows. If the website needs to be altered or scaled to meet the needs of a growing practice, they are available to make this happen. A custom website has numerous benefits.

Having an Effective Marketing Campaign is Essential


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In addition to having a solid OBGYN website design, the practice also needs to think about how they are going to market their services to the public to bring in potential patients. While many practices just think that the sign on the door is enough because they think the hospital will handle the marketing, practices need to remember that there is always competition in the area. There are several important medical marketing strategies to keep in mind when practices start to market their services.

Social Media is the Modern Form of Marketing

Almost everyone has used Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Anyone who has ever used these services knows that there are businesses that have social media pages. There are several advantages for a practice that uses social media as a form of marketing. First, this is free marketing. These accounts do not cost anything to open or run. Second, it is a great way to individualize communication with patients. Anyone who has linked their profiles to the practice is interested in the services. This means that practices can tailor the information on their social media profiles to meet their patient population. Third, this is a great way for a practice to generate revenue. In addition to communicating information about sales or promotions that people might be interested in, a successful practice has many patients that view their pages. A practice can sell the ad space on their social media pages to other businesses and bring in additional revenue for the practice.

Use a Referral Program

When a practice is first getting started, using a referral program is important to the success of a young practice. This doesn’t have to be anything major; however, it is important that patients who visit the practice have some incentive to get their friends and family to join the practice. For example, offer a free product or visit to people who find a way to have their friends schedule appointments. Some practices will offer an entry into a raffle for a major prize for each patient that the person refers to the program. Other practices hand out coupons to partner businesses in the area in exchange for people providing the contact information for friends or family who might be looking for an OBGYN. These are all great ways to incentivize current patients to invite other people to visit the practice.

After setting up an OBGYN practice, it is important that the practice thinks about their website design and their marketing campaign. A practice is still a business and a practice needs patients to be successful.

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