Difference between SEO & PPC Management

Marketing (PPC) vs SEO



We offer multi-platform, multi-level marketing solutions focused on using all online advertising options to bring new patients to your medical or dental practice. We will create a combination of campaigns designed to maximize the return on your investment.

Based on your budget and goals, we will create an advanced marketing program that may include text ads, custom image and display ads, video ads and so on. We will manage the program and if are hosting your website, we will send you a monthly report automatically. There is no contract to sign and no long-term obligation.

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Advanced search engine optimization is a process that aims to improve a website’s organic ranking in different search engines. It is an ongoing process. As search engines update their algorithms and the way they rank web pages, we continue to evolve by including these updates into our process to increase the chance of a better ranking for your medical or dental website.

Contrary to the claim of a few, historical data has shown, again and again, that there is no practical shortcut to ranking high on search result pages.

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Setting up medical and dental marketing campaigns include several steps and requires ongoing updates and maintenance. Below are some of the most well-known actions we take to bring interested patients to your medical or dental website.

  • Adwords Campaign setup and optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Competition research
  • Ad groups set up and optimization
  • Landing page review and setup
  • Image ad design
  • Video ad design
  • Positive and negative keyword planning
  • Geo-targeting setup and optimization
  • Ad delivery optimization
  • Budget management
  • Keyword quality score enhancement
  • And more…


Establishing better ranking involves a sophisticated process with several steps, along with ongoing manual efforts. Some of these techniques are proprietary knowledge. The list below includes some general areas we work on, but certainly is not all that we do.

  • Keyword analysis and selection
  • Current ranking analysis and report
  • Search volume review
  • Landing page analysis and selection
  • Competition analysis and review
  • Custom SEO plugin install and setup
  • Google Analytics install and setup
  • Google Sitemap install and setup
  • Google Webmaster tool setup and verification
  • Comprehensive, on-site optimization
  • Ongoing link buildup
  • Rank Monitoring
  • And more…

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