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Medical Marketing Ideas that Doctors Should Follow — SEO & Adwords & Blogging

Skill in your craft is only half of what it takes to run a successful medical office. The other 50% of your business should be all about applying the correct medical marketing strategies. The strategies will allow you to enhance your brand, increasing your ROI. They will also help you to expand your customer base beyond your local area, and possibly solidify your brand within your local area as well.

Many doctors do not take advantage of the opportunities they have online regarding marketing. Here are some of the best medical marketing ideas for doctors to apply to their practice.

Consistent Blogging


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Starting a blog is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a medical doctor to expand his or her practice. People are always looking for professional medical tips, and who better to give those than a certified medical professional? There are many advantages to blogging consistently; we can only afford to list a few of them here.

  • Blogging helps to solidify your reputation as an expert in your niche. Even if you are a general practitioner, blogging about topics you are passionate about may bring additional clientele your way because of your specific knowledge in an area. Once people begin to view your website as a source of information that is valid, they will naturally think of you when they need to visit a medical professional.
  • Blogging drives the major search engines to your website. The major search engines love dynamic medical websites that frequently update with relevant and popular information. More content means that Google, Yahoo, and Bing will list your website in a higher position. As you move up in the search rankings, your website will automatically become more visible to people who are not necessarily searching for you specifically. If your website is well organized, you will likely increase your clientele from this new constituency.
  • Consistent blogging creates loyalty. The relationship with a medical professional is a long-term relationship. Think of the relationships that you have with your accountant or your legal professional. They were likely built up over time. Your business is the same way. Blogging consistently helps people to understand who you are. They feel as though they know you before they come into your office, and they are more likely to make return visits as well.
  • Consistent blogging keeps you sharp. You constantly face new competition in your field. New medical professional set up websites every day, and many of them are dedicated to cultivating an audience through blogging and other medical marketing techniques. You must keep up with this new crowd if you want to maintain and build your market share. Additionally, blogging will also help you stay abreast of the latest techniques in your medical niche. This is information that your clientele enjoy hearing, even if they do not implement it into their daily lives.
  • Blogging can become its income stream. When you blog consistently, you open your practice up to a world of affiliate marketing and guest expert opportunities. If your blog is good enough, other professionals may invite you to write for them. You can also negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to set up affiliate links that pay you every time someone finds a certain product from your blog. Make sure to stay in compliance with the law when negotiating with pharmaceutical companies.



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Google Adwords is the direct advertising platform that most new marketers choose. It is highly intuitive, relatively cheap and connected to the top search engine on the Internet. With the right techniques, you can leverage the power of the Google Adwords network to drive traffic to your website. Here are a few techniques that you need to know.

  • Choose a niche. Google Adwords is all about competing for certain “keywords,” or phrases that relate to your business. For instance, if a business is selling cat food in New Mexico, it may want to advertise the phrase “Albuquerque natural chicken cat food.” The keyword phrase is narrowing down the scope of the advertisement by geographic location and product description. By describing exactly what your service is, you will attract people who are more likely to visit your office.
  • Set a budget. A successful Google Adwords campaign is based on judicious use of your resources. You do not have to outbid everyone to succeed on Google; this is why you direct your keywords very specifically. However, you do need to keep an advertisement flowing consistently because you never know when people may find you. You can ramp up your budget according to the season. For instance, if one of your services is flu shots, then you may want to consider a bigger budget in the winter months than you do in the summer.
  • Connect your Google Adwords campaign to your blogging campaign. Advertisements work best when they are placed alongside organic content. The advertisement brings the client in, and the blog closes the deal. In today’s highly competitive environment, it is likely that you will need both.



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SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” These are the listings that you see below the ads on Google. Your blog is part of your search engine optimization strategy, but you can expand this strategy through other efforts.

  • Label all of your pictures and videos with captions and alt tags. You have likely searched for multimedia through Google, using an image or a video to take you to a web page. You can use this technique to your advantage. Pictures and videos can now be indexed just as easily as text through the major search engines. For instance, if you have a picture of a smiling client in front of your office, you can label it “quality Boston dental services” to be indexed for that term in Google.
  • Search engine optimization helps to direct your blog content. You can search through Google Trends to find medical topics that people are searching for heavily. Writing a blog on those topics may bring you more clicks. Because you are generating content on a topic that is popular, you improve your search engine optimization.
  • Set up business listings. The major search engines all have business pages that are meant to connect your online content with your physical location. However, you need to fill out all of these pages and make sure the information is accurate. Doing so will immediately increase your search engine optimization. Your office will be more convenient to find both online and off-line, and you can market through those business listings as well.

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