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Medical Marketing – How Doctors Get 5 Star Reviews

Ever since the partnership between Google and Yelp that allows changes in search algorithms based on the positivity or negativity of a review, the five-star review has become more essential for the professional office. Although Google Plus has yet to really catch on as a social media network, it still affects the search algorithm of a business as well. There is no way around it; you will need to get more reviews in order to keep up with your competitors in the medical industry. Your medical online marketing strategy depends on it. Here are a few of the ways that top professional offices get 5-star reviews online.


Facebook is not the most important network when it comes to reviews, but the audience is so large that it makes up for its lack of a direct algorithm partnership with the major search engines. The 1.5 billion profiles and growing that are now on Facebook lend a great deal of power to the network. Because of this, you cannot forego Facebook as a viable option for your reviews.

If your clients and patients like to use Facebook, let them employ the platform to spread the word about you. Although people may not check Facebook as much, if the reviewer on Facebook happens to be popular, the platform may give that review an organic boost. Even if you do not get a famous reviewer on your side, you can still gain an advantage by connecting your brand to certain keywords that reviewers will help to associate with your brand.


Yelp is the number one platform for reviews, professional office or not. However, doctors can gain a great advantage for themselves by appealing to patients who happen to be on Yelp. As stated before, Yelp has a great deal of pull when it comes to Google, and the internal search engine on Yelp is just as good for business as the Google search algorithm. People trust Yelp, and if you can get great reviews there, you will definitely reap the benefits of your work over time.

Take special care of patients who happen to be Yelpers. You may even want to begin asking new patients about this during an opening survey or similar data gathering method. One of the least invasive ways to ask if a patient is a Yelper is to add the question, “How did you hear about us?” to your initial survey that you attach to the clipboard when a patient is filling out insurance paperwork. They will answer the question without even thinking about it, and if you receive an answer in the affirmative, you can take the appropriate action with that person.

You must be on the lookout for a filtered review when it comes to Yelpers. Not all Yelpers are the same. Once you have the information that a patient is a Yelper, you may actually want to check out that person’s profile. See what kind of reputation that person has. You will be able to understand whether you will likely get a positive review from this person and whether you should pursue a review at all.

Google Plus

You can also ask if a patient has a Gmail account in your initial paperwork. If a patient has a Gmail account, then it is likely that person may have a Google Plus account as well. Although Google Plus is hardly the most popular social network, it is perhaps the most important when it comes to visibility within the major search engines. Of course, Google is going to prioritize the reviews that come from Google Plus, because both services come from the same company. You can take a look at some of your local competitors now: You will always find that the professional offices on top seem to have positive Google Plus reviews, all else being equal.

The Google network is special because the type of person that does business on that network is usually more technically proficient. This means you are more likely to get a review completed from a Google Plus user than you will from a Yelp user. This is good news if you are looking to build a review profile online quickly without much hassle. Make it your business to prioritize the people who have a Gmail account, and especially those who tell you directly that they have a Google Plus account. You will definitely reap positive rewards for treating these patients with an extra bit of care.

Getting 5 Star Reviews

For the most part, patients respond to customer service in the professional services industry. You do not have to take the road of some doctors when they are trying to get positive reviews; that is, telling the patients what they want to hear. If that patient finds out that you have lied to them about a medical condition that turns out to be serious, then that patient will likely take down the positive review that he or she has made of you.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to “cater” to a patient when it comes to medical advice. The most important aspect of receiving a five-star review is the bedside manner with which you conduct your assessment. Are you willing to sit down and answer the questions that your patient has? How is your tone of voice? Do you space out your schedule so that all of your patients get your full attention without feeling rushed because you have another appointment in 15 minutes? Make sure that you conduct business appropriately.

It can be difficult to begin soliciting for reviews at first, but keep in mind that the payoff is more than worth it. Keep at it, make sure that you have all of the appropriate accounts open, and do not be afraid to ask for a review from a client or a patient that seems to like your service. If you need some help, Optimized360 has a review management system that will give you full control over the reviews that you receive online. You will have a series of proactive steps to take that will give you a number of reviews on the first page of Google – the very thing that new patients want to see when they are looking for a doctor online. Please call us today for an example of doctors who have already taken full advantage of this technology. You can gain control of your reputation online, and Optimized360 has the plan: All that we really need to get started is your permission!

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