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Looking To Have a Top 10 Looking Dental Website? Look No Further.


As a dentist you wear a lot of hats. You have patients to care for, a business to run, and employees to manage. It’s not uncommon for dentists to get caught up in the hubbub of all of these activities that you fall behind on other tasks that are equally important – like your practice’s website. An attractive and functional website often plays a big role in making sure you’re set apart from the competition and that your business is continually growing.

Getting your website to look like a top ten website might sound intimidating, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds. In fact, with some strategy and thought you can have a website that blows your competition out of the water and helps your practice achieve its business goals.

Get a Custom Website

In the 90’s custom websites cost an arm and a leg and still weren’t that attractive. Today, however, custom websites can be made at an affordable price, where you get value for every dollar you put in. With the amount of website templates out, you can guarantee your competitors are likely just grabbing one and using it to make their website. And while this is easy for them, it isn’t the way to get the most out of your website.

A custom dental website will ensure your practice goals are met through the functions of the site. Additionally, you’ll be able to add functionality or remove it as you see fit and, you choose a look that truly captures your personality.

When you choose a template website, you’re locking yourself into one look, one set of functions, and one purpose. For example, let’s say you want to be able to exchange secure emails with patients. Most templates won’t allow you to do this. So you can either forego this practice or opt for a form submission, which isn’t HIPAA compliant and could get you in a lot of trouble. It’s best to have your website designed by a team of professionals who understands the industry and can create a product that serves to help you accomplish your business goals.

Post Educational Videos



person watching patient education video on tablet


Educational patient videos can help you connect with your patients in a transparent and open manner. By posting videos of common procedures you perform you’re not only telling prospective patients that you’re experienced, you’re easing concerns that they might have. You’re helping to set a precedent and educate patients before they even step foot in your office.

Patient education videos are also helpful to increase engagement on your website and get people to share the content on their social networks. Over time, shares lead to increased organic sales leads. And engagement on your website is a signal to search engines like Google and Bing about how useful your website is to visitors. Their theory is that the more time people spend on your website, the more likely it is to be considered helpful. Conversely, the less time people spend on your website the higher the probability is that they aren’t finding what they need.

Post Testimonials



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When designing a website for dentists it’s important to include patient testimonials. The primary role testimonials play on your website is that they breed trust with your audience. When visitors see that other people have had a great experience with your practice, they’re more likely to want to become a part of your practice. There are several ways to get testimonials.

The first way is to ask patients for reviews on websites like Google and Facebook. These websites are highly public and leverage social influence to get people to either take action or decide not to become a member of your practice (common when bad reviews are posted).

The second option, which is often a smart component to pair with the first option, is to use a tool like 360 Reputation Shield to filter reviews through your website. With this tool your patient testimonials are posted directly on your website, but you’re given the ability to moderate them and decide what is shown and what isn’t. You can mark certain reviews as spam and anything that is 2 stars or less is not posted unless you allow it. Learn more about reputation management in this article.

Focus on Your Dental Specialties



dental specialty


The dental industry is incredibly diverse. As a result, it’s important you have a website created that focuses on your dental specialty. A cosmetic dentist’s website should look different than a general dentist’s website. Additionally, the function of each website will differ based off of the specialty.

When creating a website for dentists we focus on developing a layout, content, and functionality that meets the needs and expectations of the visitors coming to the website. This looks different for every practice and is an important part of executing your marketing strategy.

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