Learn What Your Competition is Doing Then Beat Them

Learn What Your Competition is Doing, Then Beat Them

Do you really think that you have all the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully market your medical practice online? If so, you really need to read this article.

But if you’re still a little unsure as to what you should be doing to market your practice, to build a new medical website, to run some online ads, gain more positive reviews, do a social media post…
Here’s a tip: canvas your community and beyond, take a look at what your specific competition is doing, then do it bigger and better.

Start With a Great Website

Start With a Great Website

Any competitor of yours that is capturing new patients that you would want absolutely has a website, probably a good one. Have you visited it lately? Do so right after you read the remainder of this article. Observe their website as if you are a new prospective patient. What does it say? How is the medical practice positioned? What does it ask the visitor to do? With this information in hand, think about how can you improve your website and do a better job vs your competition and appeal to these potential new patients?

One of the best places to start is with how it’s designed. Make sure your dentist website is Mobile Responsive. This means it literally responds to whatever device it is being viewed on, including tablets smartphones, and every other device in between.

Use Video when marketing your medical practice

Use Video

I’m going to guess that the good competitor websites use video, either in the background header or patient testimonials, or maybe even a welcome from the doctor whose name is on the practice. Video in your marketing will keep visitors engaged with your website and shows them content that’s lively and shareable.

Video is super hot right now and it’s no wonder why. It’s easy to digest, can be fun, and is “snackable” meaning it’s simple to take in in small portions. Medical practices across the nation are seeing success in creating patient education videos, videos to introduce their practice to prospective patients, and even humorous videos that might detail certain healthcare tips.

Dentist ,must have updated and active social media accounts

Get on Social Media

See all those little icons in the upper right or bottom footer of your competitor’s nice website? That’s his way of getting his web visitors to engage with his practice on Social Media.

According to a recent study, “Social media was used in 52% of independent medical practices, the most common being Facebook. The use of social media was most commonly for marketing purposes (91%). Doctors younger than 45 years old were more likely to use social media in their practice than doctors 45 years or older (p < 0.001).” (The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice)

Considering the above statistics, along with the fact that nearly 75% of Americans use social media regularly, it’s important that you explore how your social media accounts can set your practice apart. Use it to share new content, host giveaways (free consultations?), and most of all share who you are.

Social networks:

  • Make people feel connected to your practice
  • Create a one-on-one exchange opportunity
  • Are public forums
  • Are helpful with SEO because their posts and pages are indexed in SERPs (search engine results pages)
Blog then blog some more on your medical website

Blog Regularly, Your Competition Does

Blogging is a great way to keep visitors coming back for posts they will find useful. Blogging is an important part of your marketing strategy, and your overall online SEO strategy. When you blog, you are commiting to putting quality content on your website at regular intervals. Whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis, the key is to stay consistent.

Every time you publish a blog post you have a new opportunity to market yourself. Read why consistent blogging is important to your practice in this article.

  • Blog posts are indexed by search engine
  • Posts can be pushed to social media and used to create viral marketing campaigns
  • Paid advertising (PPC) can be linked to specific blog posts to offer useful information and entice visitors to respond to the call-to-action at the end of the post
Ask For Good Reviews and Online Ratings

Ask For Good Reviews and Online Ratings

Reviews can be the epicenter of what truly sets you apart from your competition. If you’re both doing the above well, the one thing that may make you better in the eye of the website visitor will be a solid reputation management program.

A good reputation management program will include:

  • Strategies to respond to negative reviews
  • Strategies to respond to positive reviews
  • An overall strategy to get new reviews (hint: it starts with asking a patient to review your practice)

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