Is It Time to Rejuvenate Your Dermatology Website?

Is It Time to Rejuvenate Your Dermatology Website?

Updating your dermatology website is very similar to updating a dermatology office. It is the first impression just about all prospective patients will have of your brand. You want to make sure your patients feel comfortable and ensure they have a pleasant experience. However, it takes serious planning and thoughtful work to get there.

Before you begin the “reconstruction” of your website, be sure to take a look at these great examples of what a dermatology website should look like.

Clear Sky Dermatology

For a complexion as clear as the Arizona sky, you’ll want to go to Clear Sky Dermatology. We worked with this client to design a website that would have a clinical feel to it while still providing inspiration and encouragement for those seeking dermatological services. From the opening imagery to the footer, we worked with the client to produce an incredible and gorgeous website that would inspire and enlighten the visitor while encouraging them to envision how beautiful life can be after a dermatological treatment.

The various design choices that went into this website have helped focus it on the desired outcome of visitors looking for services like those provided by Clear Sky Dermatology. From the opening shot it’s clear that visitors are encouraged to explore the various procedures and services offered by the clinic, and make an appointment to begin their journey to beautiful skin. It’s no mistake that the Skin Biopsy displays a common mole that can often be a sign of something more malignant, as it seeks to connect visitor experiences with practice.

Regency Dermatology

Regency Dermatology presents itself as a high-end dermatological clinic with a goal of providing kind, friendly treatments for the most concerning needs. From the moment you come to this website you start by being introduced to the staff that will be taking care of your dermatological concerns along with an invitation to call for an appointment right away. This presentation lets you know they’re already ready to serve you, they even offer a convenient online booking option if you’re on the go!
Throughout the website, there are hints of the personality of the company you’re going to be getting treatment from. Everything on the website is in motion, suggesting an inherent energy to the people who work there while also giving a sense of industry and elegance. Visitors are encouraged to start making appointments and getting into the office, but the website is quick to provide information about the services they offer. This indicates they are serving a knowledgeable and interested clientele who are looking to get in, get their treatment done, and get out.

Biltmore Dermatology

Biltmore Dermatology is a new practice that wanted to create a cutting edge website to attract new and potential patients before the doors ever opened to the practice. Ryan Patterson – founder of the practice – commissioned Optimized360 to create a unique and progressive-looking custom dermatology website that would look professional and also attract the interest of his targeted demographic.

The home page features a header image and menu for easy navigation throughout the site. Below, a secondary image-based menu highlights dermatology services offered according to three different categories – cosmetic, medical, and surgical. Moving on, visitors are introduced to Ryan Patterson and then given the opportunity to read the reviews of existing patients as they scroll across the screen.

This custom dermatology web design utilizes a full-screen width layout that leaves no room for margins or white space. Though overall traditional in its design, it stands out with modern features, such as scrolling pictures and reviews, as well as a three-dimensional effect in which parts of the background appear to stand still while text and images in the foreground move independently.

Bloom Dermatology

Dr. Bloom is one of the premier dermatologists the state of Texas. Having completed a fellowship with Dr. Mohs for Mohs Surgery, we felt this website should put his credentials front and center. This is a very professional design with minimal content on the home page, helping to invite the reader deeper into the website to learn more about Mohs surgery and general dermatology.

The home page features an expansive header of scrolling images, including pictures of microscopic skin cells and images of healthy individuals safely baring their skin while enjoying the outdoors. After a brief history of Dr. Bloom’s dermatological training and experience as a Navy Captain in the Medical Corps, readers are invited to either contact the office directly or otherwise further explore additional pages on the site. For the convenience of new patients, we integrated downloadable patient forms directly into the site, as well as an extensive information library about dermatological conditions and treatments.

For this website, we stayed away from bold colors, instead opting for neutral hues and a white and gray background. This sends a professional message and allows the most important features to stand out, such as the brightly colored blue practice logo at the top of every page. It also creates vibrancy in the images that scroll across the home page.

Elite Dermatology

Bright, fresh, and clean. These elements come together in the design of Elite Dermatology’s website. Comfortable colors and attractive images come together to dream-build for visitors, bringing hope that the results they see can be expectations of what results they’ll see. We were proud to put together this website for them, and feel that the result matches the aesthetic nature of their business entirely.

This design begins with a semi-transparent header that produces a constant sense of revealing hidden things as you scroll through, like the beauty hidden within patients who just need a little care to see incredible results. The opening images present shining smiles mixed with beautiful nature scenes as beautiful as the people in them. Visitors look at these pictures and start to see themselves after their treatment reflected in them, happy, confident, and attractive. A clever subtext can be seen in the child with the missing tooth, a promise of imperfection being its form of beauty, placing what would otherwise seem like impossible dreams into achievable expectations.

Rose Dermatology

The skin is the largest and also one of the most delicate organs of the human body. It is what others see and is an outward depiction of who we are. Most people who visit Rose Dermatology are looking for youthful, healthy, and vibrant looking skin and the ability to age beautifully and gracefully. For this custom dermatology website, we wanted to reflect the goals of this practice, as well appeal to the interests of those who might be searching for skin care in their local area.

This website is based upon a traditional layout that includes an upper header menu and a home page introduction to the practice. We included a bright white full-width header image set against a darkened background for contrast. Home page image links divert attention to specific services offered at the practice, including hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and Botox/fillers. Further into the website, visitors are given the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Rose, the types of services offered at this dermatology practice, and the various skin care products available for purchase.

When it comes to designing your new dermatology website, it is helpful to have a game plan before you start. Keep these terrific websites in mind and if budget allows seek the assistance of a professional web design firm like the experts at Optimized360.

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