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I’m on a Budget, What is the Best Bang for My Buck?

The Cost of Cutting Corners

It may be tempting to cut corners to save money on start-up costs by going with a template based design. The problem lies in what comes next. Most companies that charge little or nothing initially end up charging exorbitant monthly fees for maintenance. It is reminiscent of a bait and switch in that you get lured in by the thought of saving big, but then you find out later that you end up paying more in the long run.

Templates have set parameters that can only be modified up to a point.These can seriously limit the impact of dental websites. If your dental website design does not accurately depict services you offer, you are not likely to meet the needs of prospective patients. Optimized360’s Advanced Website Themes are better than automated templates and allow for improved customization. We have several website packages available and provide flexible options for any budget.

Our Gallery


Best Dental Website Design Gallery


One way we can stretch your budget is by offering you access to our extensive gallery of design themes. Building a quality website from scratch does not necessarily involve reinventing the wheel. An advanced website theme that was created to meet the needs of busy dental practices offers more bang for your buck than a template. We have created more than 2,000 custom designs for dentists and medical practitioners. We understand what it takes to impress patients and build your reputation online.

Optimized for Results

An attractive website is only the beginning when it comes to being visible in a Google search. Optimized360 will be able to build your website with top shelf optimization, and we have clients ranked on the first page of Google to prove it. We create unique meta-tags that will attract the attention of those searching for your services. Whether we are creating related social media accounts or integrating existing social media accounts into your website, we make sure you get credit for all of your online activity. We understand how to include keywords organically to communicate naturally with patients and avoid penalties for keyword stuffing.

Another aspect of optimization deals with the responsive nature of your design. Yes, people still get on their computers to search, but with the exponential growth of technology, the number of people using smartphones and tablets to do online searches will eventually surpass those only using desktops and laptops. Google not only counts how many people visit your site but how long they stay once they arrive. With a responsive design, you will keep people engaged longer and are more likely to see an increase in conversion rates.

Custom Design

Our designers will customize the design of choice for our clients. Dental websites are created after a thorough consultative process regardless of your budget. There are a plethora of styles from which to choose depending on your specialty and personal preferences. Traditional or modern, nature based or slick, we have options that let current and prospective patients get a feel for your practice before they even set foot through the door.

Colors, buttons, and menus are chosen based on your preferences and needs. Color can create a vibe that resonates with people for different reasons. Some colors, like gold, denote elegance and reliability, while blue invokes a sense of calm familiarity. Each dental practice chooses the call to action buttons that best suit their needs. Some dental practices prefer a “schedule an appointment” button that gives their staff the opportunity to call the patient and set up an appointment. Another option lets patients click to call the office directly. Menu options are also customizable. You may prefer to highlight educational videos and blog posts, so patients see that you value building relationships. Perhaps you would rather emphasize informational pages and bios to build credibility. We work with you to determine which design choices will help you put your best foot forward.

Ratings Don’t Lie


Optimized360's Rating & Ranking


Optimized360 is the highest rated Dental Website Design and Marketing Company with over 150 Google reviews to prove it. None of our competitors measure up, so you know the service you receive will be beyond your budget’s expectations. Keep in mind; these ratings do not only include those of the people who opt for the premium 360 Plan. We value each client and work diligently to meet and exceed the expectations of everyone who chooses our services.

Easy to Maintain

Barely any work is needed from the dentist to maintain their website. The technical aspects of the website are integrated in a way that ensures they continue working on your behalf long after initial set-up. Monthly reports allow you to see what is working and what may need to be tweaked. With a 24/7 online editor and advanced control panel, you have easy access to pop-in and make changes when it is convenient for you. Our live concierge support gives you the confidence needed to perform the few maintenance tasks that may be needed.

Flexibility is Key


Mobile Flexibility


Whether it is choosing an existing website package or working with us to create a custom package that meets your goals, our flexibility ensures you will get the very best website your budget allows. The CEO of Optimized360 practiced dentistry for 20 years. Through his many years of service, he realized you had two choices: pay big bucks for custom design or end up stuck with a generic template.

He shifted gears and decided to create a solution that would allow dentists and medical providers to get custom results for around the price charged by some template design companies. He also saw a need for design agencies that focus on serving healthcare providers. Website design for dentists is going to look very different than the design of a site for a downtown boutique.  Your primary goal is not selling products. You are selling your services to the public, so your website may include patient forms and education materials rather than product descriptions. The flexibility we offer allows dentists to remain comfortably within their budgets and still gain a highly effective website.

Optimized360 is here to guide you on how to best utilize your budget to create more conversions and an impressive return on investment.

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