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How Women’s Health Specialists are Using Content Marketing to Boost their Business

Faster internet speeds mean instant gratification has become the expectation rather than the exception. Internet marketers are aware of the speed with which they must capture the attention of their audience, or they risk a bounce. Medical marketing for OBGYN professionals is a specialty niche, but even so, there is likely some competition in your local area. A couple of billboards and emails are not going to cut it when it comes to OBGYN or even dental marketing ideas. You need to tap into the power of content marketing to boost your business.

This does not mean you need a plethora of different ideas to saturate your market. Quality ideas implemented well will draw more people in than a bunch of ideas thrown around haphazardly. Solid marketing ideas that have a proven track record are tweaked, so you will continue to reap the benefits from quality content. In both medical and OBGYN website design, content is the very thing most visitors look for when they land on your website. Make sure you are using content in a way that benefits visitors and patients.

Use Content to:

Reach Out Via Your Online Presence


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A spider web attaches to many points for stability. The internet is called the web for a reason. Part of your medical website design includes the concept that your website gives you the opportunity to reach out and touch many more people than word of mouth ever allowed. One blog post can be shared on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and linked to Twitter.

People are already spending time on social media, so as a member of the community, why not meet them where they are? Once people make contact on social media and begin to recognize your brand, they are more likely to visit your website looking for more content. Think of content like a bridge that carries people from one location to another online.

Establish Both Credibility and Authority

You have undoubtedly heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Content is this incredible medium through which you can reach people to share your expertise. When prospective patients search for OBGYNs in your area, will they find an OBGYN website design with high-quality content that answers questions they didn’t even know they had? Effective content marketing strategies will help establish you as a trusted expert.

Infographics are great pieces of content that convey a relatively large amount of content in a small space. Listen to the types of questions current patients are asking and address common questions in educational videos, on your blog, or in updated service descriptions. Each time you add new content, it builds your reputation and credibility as a resource. Your website is like the trunk of the tree. It provides a base for your online presence. Social media accounts, blogs, PPC Ads, business listing pages, and other parcels of content travel far beyond the confines of the home website. The more places your content goes, the more people you reach.

Prioritize Customer Care


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As we mentioned, it is the era of online instant gratification. Because of your superb medical website design, visitors expect to have instant access to information. With information at their fingertips, those visitors are then empowered to use and share the information as they see fit.

Visitors and patients will need less support if patient care has been top-notch. When women’s health specialists listen to their patients, they should see be privy to many commonly asked questions. By adding blog posts or a FAQ section to address concerns, you are demonstrating a willingness to meet people on their level. Be honest without overdoing it. When current and prospective patients want answers to the hard questions, are you there for them? Honesty builds trust, and you will be recognized as an authority in your field.

Ensure Patients Return

Many OBGYN and dental marketing ideas focus on improving conversion rates. New patients are great, but you cannot neglect the importance of past patients. An effective email campaign with a newsletter giving helpful tips and tricks will keep your name and brand fresh in the mind of former patients. Staying in touch periodically has a positive effect on return patients.

Increase Revenue


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Content marketing is much more cost-effective than traditional marketing. How does generating three times as many leads? According to DemandMetric, not only will you generate the leads, but you’ll also spend 62% less in marketing costs. Your website is up and running 24 hours a day. Visitors have access to content that provides them with all the information they need to make an informed decision about you and your practice. Revenue will increase when content is made a priority when planning medical marketing for OBGYN professionals.

Boost Traffic to Boost SEO and Conversion Rates

Google likes to see high-quality content that is up-to-date. Search engine bots will check for updates to relevant content. Visitors are looking for cutting edge medical information when they Google their questions. If your website can provide answers to specific questions rather than just a slew of information that may or may not be relevant, Google appreciates the specificity.

When you make Google happy, a number of things happen. Search traffic will increase because your content includes quality keywords and phrases used naturally, no more stuffing allowed. As you grow in search engine rankings, traffic is diverted from those that fall away during your rise to the top of the page. High-quality content is worth sharing. Referral traffic occurs when people find you on social media, GoogleMaps, etc. and then link to your content from these and other sites.

You rarely have to engage in direct sales once your content marketing strategy is in full swing. With an active online presence, most people will come to you for answers. Once they trust you as a source of credible information, they will hit that call-to-action button to get in touch with you. Basically, you earn their respect and trust before they even walk foot through your door.

Optimized360 works closely with medical and dental professionals to apply effective content marketing strategies to boost conversions and improve ROI. Build your reputation online with high-quality, relevant content that answers questions. Be careful you don’t fall into the trap of inundating your website with too much information. Women’s Health Specialists who use what works to reach the most people understand how important content is for building lasting patient-doctor relationships.

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