simple tips on choosing the ideal medical website design company

How to Choose the Right Web Design Firm

How long a design firm has been in business isn’t an exact indicator of their overall abilities, but it’s a start. Some firms are old advertising agencies from the good-old days when print ruled the world, while the new startup down the street may know the latest and greatest in technologies for web. What’s important to your medical practice is discovering an agency that thoroughly understands your unique business, objectives, issues, financial constraints and schedules.

Initially, you may want to seek answers to these questions:

  • When was the company formed?
  • How many clients with my specialty have they worked with?
  • How many employees do they have, in what roles, and where are they based?
  • What do their online reviews and ratings look like?

Hopefully, the company that you will select will have already developed a working design process and can disclose to you exactly what’s in store during the design and launch phase. It’s very important that you review the company’s portfolio and see their designs and the types of clients that they support.

The following graphic details many of the steps and questions you should ask your prospective medical website design companies.


follow these tips when selecting your web design company

If you’ve make it all the way through these steps, you have selected a web design firm that will support your needs, built you a website to your liking, and will support you going forward. This means that you’ve probably selected Optimized360 and we thank you.

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