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How Reputation Management Can Save Your Practice

Technology is grand, except for when it isn’t. The Internet continues to connect people much the same way a loom weaves the threads of a tapestry. Someone you may not have come into contact with in the past can now see you and can connect with others who see you through online reviews. Because there are so many individual threads, it is more beneficial to add layers of positivity rather than spend time and energy on removing the negative.

Online reputation management puts the positive reviews where they belong, on page one of Google. When prospective patients Google your name or practice, they are more likely to schedule an appointment if they see positive, relevant reviews and content. Optimized360 makes sure you have control of your online reputation by helping you inundate search results with so much good that negative reviews plummet in search engine rankings and are nearly invisible.

5-Star Goals

Optimized360 uses the power of 360 Reputation Shield to help you become the #1 choice in your area by giving you the authority to manage online reviews. When you make it easy for patients to leave reviews, you set yourself up to land at the top of your field. Marketing strategies for dentists should work in unison to help you stand out from the competition. From an initial dental or medical website design that invites and displays reviews to a specialized review page, the advanced features offered at Optimized360 can be instrumental in saving your practice from the potential harm of negative reviews.

A review page, or practice listing, is created for the purpose of connecting with patients. Your practice listing gives patients the ability to leave reviews without jumping through the hoops required on many dedicated review sites. People who would otherwise leave positive reviews turn away when added steps like logging in or creating an account are required. Ease of use is your friend when it comes to positive reviews. With online reputation management tools, you have the power to peruse your reviews before they go live. Analyzing reviews gives you the opportunity to ensure accuracy and cancel biased or inaccurate interviews. Your review page is optimized to make sure search engines will rank the listing near the top and make those positive reviews visible. Remember, no matter how well organized a medical marketing plan is, if no one can discover what makes your brand different from that of your competitors when searching online, new patients will be scarce.

Features of Our Reputation Management Services


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Optimized360 has made the review process quick and easy for your patients by not requiring the entry of identifying information. People are often more comfortable leaving anonymous reviews, so having a separate practice listing is likely to garner more reviews. Our services take into account the busy nature of your practice. When brainstorming ideas for dental marketing campaigns, choosing options that require minimal time outside of regular work hours can help boost your Return On Investment (ROI). Our reputation management software sends automatic alerts anytime a new review is submitted, so you have the opportunity to check them before they are visible to the public. These alerts will occur whether the review was completed on your review page or a third-party review site like Yelp.

As a member of the human race, it is inevitable that someone will be dissatisfied with your services in some way. People are often quick to leave a negative review but don’t see the importance of leaving positive reviews. Responding to negative reviews immediately actually shows people you are willing to meet them where they are to work towards a solution. You will receive an alert anytime someone mentions your name or the name of your practice online. Our advanced review tool puts complete control in your hands. Only reviews that you approve will be visible on your listing page. This oversight allows you to eliminate spam and biased or vindictive reviews that are just plain inaccurate.

Your Practice Listing

As you may have guessed, the business listing is more than just a form for filling out reviews. High-quality content is an essential part of search engine optimization. Capitalize on the unique details of your practice to promote your brand through images, videos, and high-quality educational content that is easy to read and interact with on the listing page. At Optimized360, we offer multiple themes that can be modified to meet your needs. Online dental and medical marketing campaigns should be mobile-friendly since more than 70% of people will begin their search for medical and dental providers on a smartphone or tablet.

The ultimate purpose of your online presence, including the listing page, is to convert visitors into patients. Our expert marketing team works to make sure your page is search engine optimized, so people looking for you or reviews about you or your practice will head your way. Your review page will have a clear call-to-action that invites visitors to leave a review. For new and current patients who happen upon the practice listing page, they will find a user-friendly page with a clear, open appointment request form.

Keep it Real


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Trustworthiness and credibility are things earned over time, even by physicians and dentists. Online reputation management works to counteract negative reviews before they become a problem. At Optimized360 we give you the tools to analyze all reviews before posting. Remember, once something makes its way to the internet, it never truly disappears. Members of our team put top marketing strategies for dentists and physicians to work to ensure positive, and accurate content is available on the first page when someone searches your name. Search engines don’t rank results by date, so it is possible for something that was written years ago to resurface. One chief goal of online reputation management is to front load your online presence with enough positive reviews and relevant content that people will be satisfied by what they find on page one of their search. Even if they stumble across a negative comment, the sheer number of positives will tip the scales in your favor.

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