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How clear is your vision when it comes to your optometric practice’s marketing?

Collaborate to Create Your Optometric Website

So, you have come to the point in your career where you have realized the next step is to put your website to work for you. Not long ago, websites were basically fancy brochures with a phone number and address for prospective patients. As technology advances, so must the way optometrists use their websites. Quality marketing teams will work closely with you to establish your online personality.

The website is the place where both current and prospective patients should land when searching for your services online. Interconnectedness is key in making you visible. Social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.), ads, and blog posts are just some of the places you may be noticed that will lead back to your website. Make sure your website provides solid content to reach a variety of patient personalities. Some patients will go straight to your blog to see what you are about in an informal setting. Some will look for the educational articles that describe procedures in a more matter of fact way. Others still will look for videos and pictures to tell your story. Your website should stay true to its purpose while reaching a wide audience.

Attract and Convert New Patients with Online Marketing


Obtaining More Optometric Clients


Conversion is the name of the game in the online marketing world. Attracting visitors to your site is only the first step. Think of it like window shopping. A prospective patient may like what they see when they land on your home page, but it does not automatically mean they will click the call to action button. As mentioned above, it is important to meet the needs of as many visitors as possible.

User-friendly sites will retain more people. If your website runs smooth and efficiently, those people are more likely to click through a number of your pages. Look at it like this, can your grandparents easily navigate the site. Is the call to action buttons easy to see? Tabs and thumbnails should make it clear what information will be found by clicking. If you will allow other advertisements to run on your page, it is essential these do not slow down your own site. Services offered will attract people, but usability and quality content that makes prospective patients feel at ease and will convert them to new patients.

Effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management and Why PPC Ads are Savvy Business Opportunities

Online ads are only as good as the professional who monitors their effectiveness. Your ad may show up on countless sites, but if those sites are for shops and services in a city 1,500 miles away, it probably won’t result in many conversions. Similarly, if the keywords linked to your ad are not the words patients are using in the search engines, your ad will not be viewed by the right people. An experienced online marketing team knows how to find the words people use when looking for optometric services. They diligently monitor how effective the ads are and make changes to ensure you are visible to those searching for your services.

AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising service. Because of the vast reach of all of Google’s sites, your ads can reach millions. Google+ gives businesses owners the opportunity to connect all aspects of your online presence. The PPC ads are great lead generators. They allow prospective patients to access your website instantly. It is also a wise idea to include a way for patients to simply click and call your office in all of your ads. Many people are searching on the go from mobile devices. If they like what they see, they are more likely to contact your office.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tailored to Your Brand


Key to Successful SEO for Optometrists


Google pays careful attention to how people use the internet. Stuffing a website with optometric keywords may actually get your site penalized by today’s algorithms. Search Engine Optimization is all about getting you noticed online. Most people do not click past the first results page when they do a search. Build trust by keeping your brand’s design consistent. When prospective patients click on your ad, the landing page should make it clear they have come to the right website.

Google favors websites that make human connections. Reviews and testimonials will increase search rankings. Ensuring that blogs and all of your social media pages are connected will also make your brand more visible online. SEO changes as the algorithms of top search engines change. Experienced marketing professionals will automatically tweak your website to improve visibility.

Do Not Underestimate Reputation Management Services

Testimonials and reviews are two extremely important ways to connect with new patients. People know you are going to advertise your optometric services in a positive light. In some ways, modern technology has made us immune to good advertising. There are a large number of people who will trust the words of your current patients more than anything you can say yourself. Of course, you will want to ask your loyal patients who are clearly happy with your services to hop online and write the testimonials.

The flip side of the coin is how this gives the ability to all patients to write a review. You may be the absolute best at what you do, but chances are, someone will eventually walk away unhappy. This is where reputation management comes into play. If you view negative reviews as opportunities to connect, you will ultimately come out ahead. The glitch is that you need to catch the negatives before too much damage is done. This is where reputation management comes into play. Your online marketing team is experienced in reaching out to less than satisfied patients in an effort to begin the reconnection process. Doctors who make the visible online effort to right any perceived wrongs demonstrate compassion that counteracts the negative.

Get Ready to See the Effects of Superb Optometry Website Design

Now that you have a website that actively engages the public, get ready to see new patients in your practice. Effective online marketing teams will make your ads stand out among the competition. They know how to personalize the practice by placing reviews and testimonials front and center on your website. Managing the ads and the reputation of the optometrists is best done by those who understand the power of human connection in Google’s new algorithms. Website design can help you connect to those looking for your services and convert them into new patients.

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