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In 2017, about 63% of Americans had a Facebook account. And the largest growing group of Facebook users was the Baby Boomers. (Statista) That means that a large percentage of your audience spends time on Facebook.

But do people really care about following their dentist on Facebook? They already spend time on your dental website, so why bother with social media? If you have a clear strategy to provide useful information that they appreciate, then yes your patients and prospective patients will want to see you on Facebook. If you simply create a Facebook page that turns into a ghost town where you once envisioned a hub of activity to be, then it won’t be worth your effort and you certainly won’t see any improvement in your marketing.

If you want your marketing on Facebook to be effective, it’s important that you have a vision, goals, and key performance indicators that tell you whether you’re getting close to those goals or not.

Start By Planning


content plan for dentist
Planning your Facebook strategy is the only way to develop an understanding of what your audience wants and delivering it to them.

A road trip is nothing without a map to your destination. Similarly, including Facebook in your social strategy should only be approached after a thorough plan has been created. Too often dental practices create a Facebook page and expect people to flock to it.

Instead, you need to look at your Facebook page like a machine – a machine that needs to constantly be fed with useful content that eventually leads people back to your dentist website. But what is useful to your audience? Answering this question is the first step toward determining the type of content you’ll create.

It’s easy to skim the internet for the latest meme, but there’s a high probability your followers have already seen in posted on one of their friends’ profiles. They don’t expect that from their dentist. Engage in extensive market research to get an idea of what your audience wants, then use that data to develop an editorial calendar.

When planning your editorial calendar think about important holidays, things happening at the office, promotions, current events, and more. Then think about how what you do ties into those events. For example, around Valentine’s Day you could write a blog post about how to tackle bad breath, then share it on your Facebook page. This helps people who are getting ready for a date by providing them with information they can use.

Show Personality

There’s more to your dental practice than just a pretty smile. Show your fans your personality. This is what sets you apart from the competition. Do you do something special for team members’ birthdays? Post pictures of the celebration. Do you enjoy saltwater fish tanks and keep one in your office? Share with your fans pictures of your tank and what’s new with it.

The trick here is to capture what makes you unique, and use it as a selling point on your Facebook profile. People love to feel like they’re connected to a real person, not just a business. Adding personality to your page and dental website design will make this possible.

Embrace Authenticity

Your Facebook page is a gateway to relationships with your patients. Learn how to make the most of it in this blog post. If you don’t tend to your page and maintain it, you’re neglecting your relationships. Make it a point to respond to comments and reviews on your page. This makes the person who commented feel special, and also allows outsiders or those who might be sizing you up to see if they really want to come to your practice how you typically respond.

Find Balance


balance in facebook marketing
Finding a balance between the various content types on Facebook plays an important part in creating an overall strategy that people find agreeable.

Doing Facebook right is about finding a balance between promotional and fun content. Sure, you want to promote your teeth whitening special, but you also don’t want to come off as too “salesy” and unconcerned about the relationship with your fans. Remember, it’s all about communicating and engaging with people through content that they want. Give them enough of that and they’ll be more receptive to sales content.

Use Facebook Ads

Once you’ve mastered understanding your audience and creating a solid flow of content, you can begin to look at Facebook Ads. Using the data you gather from your organic posts can help you create ads that get you incredible results and boosts leads. Learn more about ads for dentists here.

Facebook allows you to choose a very specific audience to deliver your advertisements to. Unlike traditional outbound marketing methods like television, these ads go to people who are looking for what you have to offer. Filters include gender, age, location, and other interests. So, let’s say you offer tooth whitening and it’s prom season. You can target kids that attend the high schools around you within a certain age range since this is likely the audience that is most likely to convert.

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