Are You Doing Enough to Get Great Search Engine Ranking?

Are You Doing Enough to Get Great Search Engine Ranking?

When people first started performing Search engine optimization, the main factor to consider was keywords. Today, SEO has evolved to incorporate many areas so as to get better SEO rankings. If you own a website you might consider outsourcing SEO experts so that they can help you optimize your site. If your site is SEO optimized, you might also want to consider the following elements that will improve your website rankings.

Elements that will give your website better SEO rankings.

Content is Vital

When it comes to search engine optimization, both search engines and your sites’ visitors are interested in what your content has to offer. Search engines like Google read and record Meta content. If your site registers well-written and optimized Meta content, the search engine will drive organic traffic to your site. They will entice users to visit your pages by displaying your sites URL in search results.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

For SEO purposes, any content that you want to put on your site needs Meta titles and descriptions. Meta descriptions are used to give your sites’ users a small summary of the content that is on your site. Search engines like Google recently changed their algorithm to accommodate a longer Meta description. Meta descriptions used to be a hundred and fifty characters but now Google allows Meta description of up to three hundred and fifty characters. Meta descriptions that exceed this character limit face the risk of being cut off in search results.

It is important to note that search engines penalize websites for missing Meta content. This means that your site’s ranking can suffer if you fail to include Metadata. Other factors like using Metadata that is long, short or is a copy of other pages can lead to penalties.

Content Quality



The quality of content that is on your website needs to be of high quality. You also need content that will engage your website’s visitors. These two factors paired with easy-to-read content make a vital cog of SEO. Be sure to also ensure that your website has no broken links.


Readability refers to ensuring that the content on your website is clear and easy to understand. This is usually an overlooked aspect of SEO. Readability also improves the accessibility levels of your website to visitors. Avoid sentences that are too long and words that are too complex. Search engines like Google take into consideration whether the content of your website is lost on your readers.

Content Freshness

Make sure that the content on your site is not outdated. Sites with outdated content will get low rankings. In SEO, updating your content frequently is crucial. This will make your site to get better rankings and your visitors will find it easier to determine whether your content is fiction or factual.

Broken Links and Poor Grammar

Broken links and grammar mistakes such as misspellings can harm the amount of traffic to your site. It will also lead to poor SEO rankings. Free online resources like Grammarly can help eliminate spelling and grammar errors. Plus tools like Atomseo will help you identify any broken links in your site. It will also identify dead links and links to unsafe domains.

By implementing these factors, your site will get better rankings.

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