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5 Things Optometrists Should Know About Website Design

Website design for optometrists is important because it is a representation of their business. The way prospect customers feel about your website is the way they will feel about your business. If your website design is outdated and lacks professionalism, customers will not be impressed and will move on to one of your competitors. Your website design could generate customers or lose them depending on your design. Read on for 5 things optometrists should know about website design.

5 Things About Website Design Optometrists Should Know

1. Navigation Is Important


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The layout of your website is important because it determines how long visitors stay on your website. Customers need a clear way to get the information they need, and the only way to do so is by having a navigation bar on your website. Good navigation included a user-friendly bar that is easy to find. The navigation bar needs to be over-simplified , and so easy to use that customers of any age range can find everything they need.

2. Be Consistent with Your Brand

Your brand is what customers associate your business with, and in the business world, your logo is the face of your company. Brand consistency is important because it allows you to market on a higher level, makes customers at east and more likely to consider your brand dependable, and customers will trust your business more because they recognize. Your customers want to know you and interact with you. When customers know you, they will identify your business and purpose.

3. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use


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97 percent of Americans use their cell phones for text messaging while 89 percent of Americans use their cell phone for the internet. Your website needs to be mobile-optimized to generate more traffic to your website and engage in better brand engagement. When your site lacks mobile optimization, you are guaranteed to lose sales. Your site needs to load in three seconds or less. More than 55 percent of mobile users move on to another website if the current site doesn’t load within three minutes. When your website is not mobile-optimized, your website’s shopping cart will not operate properly. More than 25 percent of visitors will abandon their shopping cart if it is not properly optimized for mobile use. Shopping carts that are not properly optimized for mobile use could cause the website to freeze or encounter other malfunctions that could cause the customer to get a similar product or service from a well-known competitor. You need to ensure your website provides its visitors with the best mobile experience possible by not using the flash plugin on your website, optimizing titles and meta descriptions, avoid using pop-ups, enhance page upload and download speeds, and simplifying your site design for mobile use.

4. The Design Itself

The website design for optometrists, like the content on the website must remain up-to-date. An outdated website will lose customers, as well as their trust. The content, images, and design should be changed periodically, at least once annually. A good time to update your website is when your business offers a new service or promoting a new product. Promoting new services and products are part of different medical marketing strategies for optometrists. Regardless of the number of times you update your website, it should always appear professional and organized. The layout, color, and font you use on your website can have a positive or negative impact on your website as well as your business. Professional optometry websites are consistent, clear, and reliable.

5. Making Sure Your Website Is Effective


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There are thousands of things you can do to ensure your website is effective as possible, but the primary way to create and maintain an effective website is to survey your patients. On the survey, ask patients specific questions, such as what they would like to see within the website to make it more user-friendly or tips in general on making the overall website better. You will be surprised at the suggestions your patients give you. When patients have a sense of belonging, they will remain loyal and refer their friends, relatives, church members and co-workers.

Looking At Other Optometry Websites

There’s nothing wrong with looking at competitor’s websites to see what they offer. Viewing their sites can give you insight and help you enhance your website. Keeping your competitors close is one of the best marketing strategies for dentists and optometrists. Although you’re not viewing their website to steal anything per say, but you can get a closer look at some of the strategies your competition is using and generate different ideas on how you can better market your products or services. The goal of remaining successful is to stay on top of your competition by staying one step ahead. There’s always room and time for improvement. Never let your business stagnate by refusing to learn about trending marketing techniques and methods. Just as you are keeping an eye on your competition, they are keeping their eye on you.

The Failure Factor

A business that has failed a few times is on it’s way to ultimate success. You need to fail a few times to get organized and climb the success ladder. Without failure, you will never know which marketing aspects worked and which ones failed. Failure is a part of growth, and a business that grows is one that thrives and succeeds. All of the successful practices that are on top of the success ladder today failed at least once, so embrace any failures you make and learn from it.

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your practice is having a well-planned, organized, professional website. Your customers are what makes your business. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for your customers will do the same for you by referring you to everyone they know. You and your customers have to work together in order for both of you to receive the desired results of a successful business as well as having professionals that can be trusted.

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