Vancouver Endodontic Specialists -Vancouver, WA

Vancouver Endodontic Specialists -Vancouver, WA

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Managed by Dr. Katy Wright and Dr. Hannah Beatty, the Vancouver Endodontic Specialists understand that the patient-experience is absolutely vital to having a high case acceptance rate. They also understand that plenty of adults do not enjoy dental work. They wanted to confront these issues through their custom website design. We set out to immediately provide a feeling of comfort and hope to help those who are uncomfortable with dental work.

Design Overview

The background pictures are an eye-catching factor about this website. The mountain view that immediately catches the reader’s eye is a great way to create a lasting impression for anyone with dental anxiety. We aimed to tackle any sort of anxiety by also highlighting patient information and the services offered on our drop-down navigation bar.

One prominent feature of the website is the location maps of all the offices provided at the end of the homepage. This makes it very easy even for a less tech-savvy customer to see and set the navigation to his preferred office location. We also added the team’s social media on convenient widgets on the bottom of each web page.

Use of Colors

For a classy set of dentists, we went with a sleek black and blue color theme to highlight the professionalism at hand. The color blue is associated with peace and reliability while black adds a feeling of class and luxury to the website. The black tones give the website a sense of professionalism and authority, providing the impression that this represents a business that engenders respect in its field. When blended together, blue and black add for an aesthetic contrast that will be sure to attract the readers.

Along with the images throughout the website, we made sure that the overall design elements would directly reflect the services provided. Professional shots and actual photos from the office give the webpage a mixture of personality and modern professionalism as well.

Analysis of Design Elements

Throughout the website, the spacing is expertly managed. The background helps establish borders and frames as needed. The images on the website are all reflections of the team’s work ethic and professionalism. No matter where you go on the website, the navigation bar is available. Navigating throughout the website is simple – you are no more than a couple of clicks away from getting anywhere you want to be.

We also enhanced the legibility of the site by placing white text above the blue and black blocks. Moreover, we also placed zoom-out hovering effects on the services on the homepage. The homepage also has a testimonial slider included as well.

Marketing Aspect

Showing off your work is a great way to engage with your readers. Under the gallery tab, you can find some examples of the team’s previous work. In addition, there are also testimonials scattered throughout the website. To counter any potential hackers, the endodontist experts also equipped their site with SSL Security to ensure that their patient’s information would be stored safely within their database.

Image the Website Reflects

The overarching theme of the website is a clear reflection of the reliability of the endodontists. With the mountain cap welcoming all web visitors, patients will feel at peace and relaxed the second they enter the website.

Wright & Beatty Endodontic Specialists Endodontic Website Designed by Optimized360

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