Vinay Shah, MD, OBGYN

Vinay Shah, MD, OBGYN

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Overview of the Design

When designing a website for an OBGYN office, we do our best to appeal to the entire female demographic in a way that allows the practice to shine through. For Vinay Shah, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology, we wanted to provide a clean and elegant space that was visually appealing and also exuded warmth and professionalism. We began with full-screen width imagery of women at all stages of life, and we condensed the menu to the side so that the images could speak for themselves.

Moving down, we included a brief statement about the practice philosophy, as well as spotlighted feature services. Then, viewers can choose an icon to navigate to specific areas of the website, such as obstetrics, menopause, or laparoscopic surgery. Finally, we rounded out the site with testimonials and support pages that highlight more information about the office, team, and the services they offer.

Use of Colors

This OBGYN web design is distinctly feminine, which is evident from the use of filtered light and muted shades of pink, white, and beige throughout the site. These colors have long been associated with femininity, and the use of cursive fonts and soft textures contribute to that theme. Since women are the target demographic for this practice, we believe this color palette feels both welcoming and empowering to that specific niche.

Analysis of Design Elements

There are many unique design elements throughout this OBGYN website, some subtle and some obvious. At the top of the screen, visitors may notice the lack of a traditional navigation menu. Instead, our design team implemented a small menu, which encourages new visitors to view the featured information on the home page before moving on to other pages of the site.  We also implemented a modern parallax scroll, which lends a 3-dimensional effect to the site. As visitors scroll down, the images in the background seem to remain stagnant while the information in the foreground moves. This small, but advanced web design element is one of the things that help a custom OBGYN website stand out from the competition.

Marketing Aspect

The marketing on Dr. Shah’s website is understated but effective. We included a comprehensive contact page with a practice map, contact information, and an integrated scheduling request form. We also included social media links at the bottom of the site. However, the patient testimonials are what really sell visitors on the practice, as they are spotlighted on every page of the site.

Image the Website Reflects

The pictures on this website speak a thousand words. Through these pictures, every woman can find someone to identify with, whether it is a youthful child, a new mother, or an older woman who has already enjoyed many years of life. This creates trust and familiarity between the viewer and the practice, and it also helps Dr. Shah and the team appear nurturing and relatable.

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