Uintah Basin Healthcare

Uintah Basin Healthcare

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Located in Utah, Uintah Basin Healthcare has been helping and investing in their community since their humble beginnings in 1944. With a focus becoming the largest and most comprehensive rural-based independent healthcare system in Utah, we made sure to match their quality and drive when designing their custom website.

Overview of Design

Uintah Basin Healthcare focuses on providing quality, compassionate care while implementing the latest technology available in the healthcare world. We went with a modern, sleek design that focused on using rich special effects to help drive traffic towards the site. As you enter the site, you will immediately be drawn into the rotating image gallery that highlights some of their key services. Down below, there are also different links to promotions, news, and the patient portal as well. To round off the home page, we also implemented a short video-based mission statement along with a rotating testimonial gallery.

When dealing with healthcare specialties, it is especially important to provide a soothing and hopeful atmosphere for the incoming web-visitors. Testimonials, services, and an overall concern to help all play critical roles when patients are deciding to commit to a new profession or doctor. We made sure all these key aspects were highlighted right off the bat.

Use of Color

We used a natural-toned color theme throughout the website. Since we implemented imagery and visuals throughout the site, we did not want the color theme to overpower the other aspects of the website. We primarily stuck to tan and light brown to help complement the specialty. Both tan and light brown blend well together and go along with the square borders we applied throughout the site. When combined together, both colors and borders create a one-of-a-kind design for the Utah natives.

Design Elements

Throughout the website, the spacing is expertly managed. The background helps establish borders and frames as needed. The images on the website are all reflections of the team’s work ethic and professionalism. No matter where you go on the website, the navigation bar is available. Navigating throughout the website is simple – you are no more than a couple of clicks away from getting anywhere you want to be. The drop-down element of the navigation menu allows for more optimal reading digestion.

The education tab, in particular, is home to a variety of different informationals and blogs that help educate and answer frequently asked questions. There are also several patient information videos for visual learners as well.  The testimonial tab brings you to a new page that highlights all the verifiable reviews Uintah Basin have under their belt.

Since the community was such a huge part of Uintah Basin’s mission statement, we went out of our way to provide a community tab on the navigation menu. This community menu is home to the town’s news, upcoming events, and donations for various charities. When creating any custom website, we want to always invoke the client’s goals and values into the design development.

Use of Images on the Website

No website is complete without the use of images. All the images and visuals are family-oriented and represent the hospitality and services available at Uintah Basin. Under the about tab, incoming visitors can find actual photographs of the office and professionals that will be handling their healthcare needs.

In addition to the images supplied by Uintah Basin, we also made sure to highlight their use of videos visuals as well. Visuals are a great medium for incoming patients who want to see what they are getting into. With all the advanced technology the Utah natives have at their disposal, getting rid of any anxiety the patient may have before visiting the office can be a great way to start off on the right foot. Who knows, that anxious patient who felt more comfortable due to the visuals on the site may easily turn into a lifelong patient!

Marketing Aspect

If you ever want to find Uintah Basin’s social media profiles, look no further than the top banner! We made sure to include widgets leading to their social media with a popping special effect to catch the viewer’s attention. The patient and visitors tab will take you right towards the patient portal. They also have the option to pay your bill online.

The about us tab breaks down the office’s history along with additional information. This makes the team and office even more personable and friendly from the outside. Last but not least, we made sure that the community’s important personal information would be in good hands through the use of SSL Security. This means that information is encrypted before going back to the main database – stopping hackers right in their tracks every time!

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