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Overview of the Practice

Superb Dental Care is more than just a general dental practice; it’s a team of people who care deeply about providing comprehensive oral health care to their patients. Offering much more than traditional dental treatments and exams, this practice needed a website that spotlighted some of the advanced services and technology offered by Dr. Barbon and his staff.

In this custom dentist website design, we opted for a cool and clean looking space that makes maximum use of screen space with a full-width view. With the contact information anchoring the top of the page, we then opted for a traditional navigational menu followed by a page full of smiling faces and images of local landmarks. This gives the practice a softer, friendly image while appealing to the geographic familiarity of potential patients in the local Pasadena market.

We included plenty of office information, spotlighted its highly advanced dental technology, and included a smile gallery with real life results. For those who desire additional information, the service page provides extensive patient education regarding some of the services offered, and the articles section provides additional information about general oral health, prevention and maintenance. We rounded out the site with a patient FAQ section and a contact page that includes complete information about the office location and the various ways to make an appointment.

Use of Colors

The primary colors chosen for this dental web design were shades of blue, gray and white. When used together, the combination creates a cool and clean effect. They also give a sense of relaxation to the viewer – something that may help quell anxieties for patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist.

Analysis of Design Elements

The stylistic elements within this website contribute to its overall tone. Curves, for example, are found in subtle variations where the above-the-fold image transitions into the spotlighted features below. Though faint, the curves have a delicate quality about them that invoke a sense of ease and flexibility. Large images of smiling faces makes the practice seem more personable, whereas featured standouts – cosmetics, reconstructive dentistry, TMJ treatment and advanced office technology – take the spotlight of services. In addition, unique special effects like a parallax scroll on the home page give the website a high-end feel.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing for a dental practice is all about reaching out to potential patients and connecting with them and their interests. The first thing on the Superb Dental Care website is a list of links to social media accounts through which the community can find out more about the practice. Continuing on the page, the logos of affiliated organizations like the American Dental Association and American Academy of Implant Dentistry underscore the professionalism and qualifications of the practice. Finally, the inclusion of written and video testimonials make the office experience a much more personal one, allowing site visitors to pictures themselves in Dr. Barbon’s chair.

Image the Website Reflects

This dental web design is a highly visual one with many images of both individual and local elements. Pictures of beautiful smiles from individuals of all walks of life grace the entire home page. The practice also gives a nod to local Pasadena residents, who are more likely to recognize images of the Colorado Street Bridge and City Hall.


Superb Dental Care website by Optimized360

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