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Springfield Dental Solutions

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Overview of the Practice

When designing general dentistry custom websites, we have more room to create a space that reflects the personality of the practice. Patients develop long lasting relationships with their dentists and want to know that the practice they choose is one that will make them feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed at every visit. With that in mind, we produced a website that exudes freshness and youth, from the modern layout to the carefully selected pictures that adorn each page.

A condensed menu includes links to several pages, including extensive office and team information and a dedicated page for office promotions. We also included links to helpful articles that address the everyday questions and concerns of patients. Integrated patient forms minimize first-visit frustrations, and a concise contact page details the office location and contact information. We included social media links as a way of making the office seem more personable, and we provided multiple options throughout the site for requesting an appointment with the team.

Use of Colors

Given the name of this practice, we felt the colors on the site should be reminiscent of nature’s natural beauty. Muted shades of green and blue signal health, life and vitality, yet they take a backseat to the brilliant white background. Together, visitors might conclude that this practice is very friendly, approachable, and clean – all features that many people look for when searching for a new general dentist.

Analysis of Design Elements

This site was constructed with youthfulness and vitality in mind and an effort to attract patients who will become lifetime patrons of the practice. With this in mind, we created a much more succinct home page with a small expandable menu, consolidating large sections of the site within the confines of large tile images that contain minimal text. This encourages the viewer to navigate to various areas of the site instead of being inundated with excessive information.

Marketing Aspect

There are many aspects throughout the site that boast of Dr. Yoon and Dr. Schneider’s credentials. On the home page, there is a showcase of accolades and nominations from various local and professional publications. We also included logos from prestigious third-party organizations and companies with which the practice is affiliated or accredited, including the Better Business Bureau and Invisalign. Testimonials offer glimpses in to the real-life experiences of existing patients, and the before and after smile gallery provides visual confirmation of the types of results patients can expect to enjoy as a patient of Sprinfield Dental Solutions.

Image the Website Reflects

A picture is worth much more than a thousand words when coupled with a highly visual custom dentistry web design. Right away, the large, picturesque imagery that consumes the upper fold of the home page reflects the name of the practice as well as the objectification of everything that is the Virginia countryside. The image tiles below are meant to be indicative of the pages they link to, from the bright and cheery desk that links to the office information page to the beautiful white smiles that directs viewers to the services page.

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