Institute of Neurological Surgery

Institute of Neurological Surgery

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Overview of the Design

This is a custom web design for a neurosurgery team that wants to present itself as a recognized leader in its field of medicine. Patients who are treated by surgeons in this practice are often suffering from serious or life-threatening conditions, such as brain tumors, aneurysms, and other disorders. We opted to keep the home page very brief and succinct, allowing readers to learn a few quick facts about the practice and then dive deeper into the types of conditions treated and services offered from the team.

This site includes links to the practice of social media accounts, as well as more information about each of the surgeons. We also included a comprehensive list of clinical specialties, including brain, skull, spine, peripheral nerve, and pain management services. From decompression and nerve blocks to spinal fusions and tumor removal, there is little that this team cannot do using its highly effective techniques and experience. For patients who are visiting the office for an initial consultation, we also included downloadable registration packets for each doctor, which helps to minimize in-office wait time.

Use of Colors

Blue and red were used for this website, which are two primary colors that command a lot of attention. The home page image contains the colors, using red to highlight the spinal column and pinpoint the areas most commonly treated. Blue and red coincidentally are also associated with the body’s vascular system, which is a symbol of health and vitality.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website is based on a traditional layout with professional, yet modern themes. Readers will notice only three things on the home page – a standard navigation menu, a beautiful header image, and a brief welcome to the practice and its team. The home page is very short, encouraging visitors to navigate to specific areas of the site, such as the team page. Another unique feature is the integrated maps to the office and the appointment request form that is located on the contact page.

Marketing Aspect

Neurosurgery marketing should be carried out in a professional way. We recognize that this site not only speaks to the patient but also to the referring physician. That is why we spotlighted information that lends credibility to the practice, including its quest to obtain approval for pain management research from the National Institutes of Health. We also emphasized both surgeons’ experience and their commitment to delivering excellence in surgical care to every patient.

Image the Website Represents

This website is a no-frills site that is focused on one thing only – neurological health. Those who visit the site will notice a simulated image of a person’s back, more specifically the spine and nervous system. On other pages, the site contains images of neurons and synapses, which are important components of the neurological system. Finally, the image of a happy family enjoying life gives potential patients the hope of a better tomorrow that starts today.

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