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Overview of the Design

Building a substance abuse treatment center website means creating a space that places greater emphasis on a hopeful future than on the problem at hand. We built a design based on a traditional layout with a header navigation bar, a large welcoming image, and the treatment center logo at the top of the page. We also created a call-now button for those looking for immediate assistance.

Moving down the page, we included prominent links to two specific treatment programs, followed by a detailed introduction to the treatment center and information about what sets them apart. Other pages on the website include information about the treatment team and staff, the types of services offered, and information about becoming a patient. We also included an extensive resource section and a link to the treatment center blog.

Use of Colors

We chose blue and orange for this website, not only because they are complimentary of one another, but also because of their implications. Orange, specifically, is reminiscent of a beautiful sunrise coming up on a new day. It is our hope that site visitors will experience optimism for the future when viewing this custom substance abuse treatment center website.

Analysis of Design Elements

We implemented a parallax scroll effect into part of the home page to help delineate important information about the treatment center from the remainder of the text. Parallax scroll creates the three-dimensional illusion of text scrolling in the foreground against a fixed background. We also created two large tile links to the two treatment programs offered at the center. These tile links take a prominent position on the home page and respond visually to viewers as they select them.

Marketing Aspect

Individuals visiting the South Bay Connect Treatment Center website may be exploring options for a loved one with a history of substance abuse, or they may be struggling with co-dependency or substance abuse themselves. Since this center provides therapeutic treatment for the whole family, this website is largely geared toward anyone who might be seeking help. We include a click-to-call button on the home page, as well as a contact form on the contact page. We also integrated a Lyft transportation system link into the website for those who may need immediate transportation assistance. Finally, we included links to the recovery center’s social media accounts for those who wish to connect with the treatment center and find out more about it.

Image the Website Represents

This website is developed for the purpose of giving hope to individuals who are affected by substance abuse and codependency. A brighter, healthier tomorrow is possible, just as the home page image of a couple driving during sunrise seems to depict. We also included local imagery to help potential clients within the Culver City and Huntington Beach areas better identify with this particular treatment center.

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