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Overview of the Design

This custom orthodontic website is full of information, but is organized in a way that optimizes the experience for both new and existing patients. We designed the home page to welcome new guests and invite them to take a closer look at what sets Smile Art Orthodontics apart from the competition. The overall design is fun, modern, and colorful, but it is not lacking on substance.

Moving through the site, patients have easy access to the answers of frequently asked questions, as well as information about featured services available from the practice. There is also dedicated space for patient testimonials, as well as a before and after gallery to show off potential results. We also included a section for individuals looking for office information, an emergency tab for those experiencing orthodontic complications, and patient forms and instructions to help improve a patient’s experience on the first visit.

Use of Colors

Perhaps the biggest statement being made within this orthodontic website is with the use of color. Pink and blue are bold choices, yet they allow Dr. Monica to say exactly what she wants to say about her practice – no words necessary. These cotton candy-like shades are carefree, cheerful and jovial, and they are reminiscent of childhood. Since many of her patients are children and teens, the choice of color helps the practice seem friendly, fun, and approachable.

Analysis of Design Elements

This orthodontic web design is decidedly modern with a bold layout and unique effects. The home page greets guest with a divided header, which is designed to provide new visitors with an immediate opportunity to schedule an appointment, and existing patients to easily navigate to the secure patient portal. Scrolling down, the responsive navigation bar seems to jump off the screen, following the visitor as he or she views the site.

Marketing Aspect

Orthodontic marketing is all about reaching potential patients where they are at. When a visitor arrives on Dr. Monica’s website, the first thing visible is an appointment request opportunity, as well as the option to connect with the practice via social media. Then, we let Dr. Monica’s professional accomplishments and reputation do the talking, taking time to highlight the honors and recognition she has achieved while serving her patients. Finally, we offer the guest the phone number and email address of the practice, as well as directions.

Image the Website Reflects

Almost all of the images on Dr. Monica’s custom orthodontic website are filled with smiling faces of both adults and children with beautiful, straight teeth. Some appear in braces, whereas others seem to be enjoying the benefits of their newly straight smiles. Ultimately, the goal of this imagery is to connect with the emotions of the site user and provide a glimpse into the long-term aesthetic possibilities with braces from Smile Art Orthodontics.

Orthodontic Website Designed by Optimized360

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