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Silver Spring Neurology Lanham Neuro Psychology

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Neurology doctors regularly work with patients who struggle with chronic illnesses caused by one form of neuropathy or another. Conditions like these don’t just affect the patient, but also have residual effects that the whole family faces together. That’s why Lanham Neurology asked us to build a site that provided comfort, useful information, and a clear family-oriented focus in its design.

Overview Of The Design

In line with these requirements, we designed a website that opens with a smiling picture of a family. Serving to inform the visitor that this facility understands that their condition affects their whole family. The website utilizes a light-weight design that doesn’t overload each individual page but instead provides information to the user in easy bites.

Use Of Colors

The site uses a striking but simple black and white website design that serves to highlight the information and images used throughout the site with its excellent contrast.
• Contrast – Few colors contrast as well as the traditional and professional black and the clean clarity of white when used in website design. Together they create a palette that lets you highlight specific areas of your site and easily direct traffic to where you need it on your site.
Image-Centric The palette used in this site also ensures that your images are going to be the star of the show, especially important when they play a central role in your visitor’s navigation throughout the site.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Design includes more than just color and content, it’s about creating a cohesive and accessible site that is visually attractive and functionally useful.
• Space – The use of white space in this site makes sure that every aspect gets its moment in center stage rather than having a lot of aspects fighting for center stage.
• Navigation – Navigation throughout the site is made simple by the inclusion of a hamburger menu at the top of the screen, compiling all your patient’s navigation needs into a single place.
• About Us – While the design of the website doesn’t have a traditional ‘About Us’ page, it does include a copy of the doctors VITA, showing all of their qualifications to the inquisitive visitor.
• Informational Footer – All of the necessary contact information is isolated in a single convenient place, the footer of the page. This includes the social media connections along with the address, email, and even a quick contact form.

Marketing Aspect

Minimal Contact Forms Contact forms are an essential way of building connections with your visitors, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. This website provides an excellent example of that with its simple 4-field and button design.

Lanham Neuro Contact Form

Intake Forms – One thing that patients love is convenience, and that’s why this site features intake forms for both adults and children intended to give the patient time to gather information and make their first visit a breeze.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website represents a light-weight and modern designed focused on being accessible through desktop computers or social media. The family focus is apparent from the very beginning, as is its focus on being easy to navigate and find information on. This website demonstrates a practice that is focused on keeping things easy and stress-free while they work on helping you face your health reality.

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