Seven Hills Dental Center – Henderson, NV

Seven Hills Dental Center – Henderson, NV

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Seven Hills Dental Center, located in the heart of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada, focuses on using advanced dental technology to help patients with any of their oral health issues. Patient satisfaction is their number one priority. As with all healthcare professions, we made sure that the website we designed for Seven Hills would accommodate all the needs and desires that incoming traffic would bring along. We created a website that would highlight the more subtle site of Nevada – for all the reassurance and comfort that patients would want.

Design Overview

Sometimes simplicity is better than anything else. We brought this statement to life in their website design. Seven Hills focuses on a variety of services to provide patients with the smile that they have always wanted. From dental implants and veneers to teeth whitening, Seven Hills offers a multitude of treatment options for a smile makeover. We created a navigation bar that would highlight the different options available to allow optimal readership. We implemented square borders to space all the information out accordingly. We wanted to make sure Seven Hills stood out to the community by creating a customized logo for their website. No need to go overboard with the oversaturation of special effects when you have such a wide array of dental procedures and testimonials to back your work.

Use of Color

To match along with the specialty of dentistry, we incorporated a white and blue color theme throughout the background. Not only is this easy on the eyes, but it also helps highlight information without coming off as too aggressive or pushy. This creates a subtle sense of hope and wellbeing that can help engage the readers as they travel throughout the website.

Images and Elements of Design

Service Example

Right off the bat on the landing page, you are greeted with an outside shot of the office building. You can tell that it is spacious, well-kept, and professional. Throughout the website, you will find pictures that match the services accordingly. The pictures used to highlight the different procedures are inviting and warm. They are a clear reflection of the priorities of the dental team in Las Vegas. The site is made to navigate users around with ease. With the lack of special effects, readers can focus on all the information the website has to offer. The smile makeover tab, in particular, is rich with informative information. It features multiple call to actions and can truly make a difference in helping leads commit to the services.

Marketing Aspect

Interactive Google Map

Although having all the educational information being provided is great, the main goal of any dentistry website is to sell and convince the readers to visit the office. We made sure locating the office would not be a problem as we include accessible contact information throughout the website. The contact us page is particularly useful as it includes office information as well as an interactive map to check driving distance. Seven Hills also has a blog dedicated to patient informationals. Blogging is one of the key aspects any growing website should implement to boost their ranking organically. We made sure that their blog was easily accessible through the navigation menu.

Due to the simplicity of the website, web pages will load quickly on both a desktop or mobile device. If you ever need to access Seven Hill’s social media, they will always be conveniently located on the top banner of the web page! Last but not least, the website is also secured from hackers using SSL security. This means that whenever a patient enters any sort of important information such as a credit card number or home address, it is tactfully encrypted before being sent off to the servers. This ensures that hackers cannot do harm to secretive information.

SSL Security

Image the Website Represents

This site demonstrates a clear, minimalist design for the end user that makes scheduling, getting information, and navigation throughout the site a breeze.  This site is perfect for those looking for a lightweight site that’s easy to navigate and lets the content speak for itself.

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