Serene Dental, Dr. Sapana

Serene Dental, Dr. Sapana

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Dr. Sapana Majmudar manages Serene Dental in Fermont, California. Describes as gentle, fair and friendly by her patients, Dr. Mahmudar is a firm believer in conservative treatments when it comes to giving patients a smile makeover. We made sure to highlight her use of advanced technology and services through a professional and modern website design.

Design Overview

When you enter the website, you are immediately welcomed by a goofy image that highlights some of the office’s standout achievements. With more than 20 years in the dental industry and over 25,000 procedures done, Dr. Majmudar understands the importance of patient satisfaction.

The website is simple but professional that makes for a great first impression. The navigation toolbar at the top of the website is easily accessible and displays the different promotions and services available. The homepage holds Dr. Majmudar’s mission statement as well as multiple patient education videos about the different dental procedures available. To top it all off, we created a personalized logo that stands next to the office’s title.

Use of Color

The majority of the website is spacious and uses a clear white background to allow optimal readability. Over calls to action, the widgets turn blue. Blue and white work well together to not only complement the specialty, but to also help add a bit of flair into the mix of things. The little features matter – especially on healthcare websites. Adding just a hint of blue creates a sense of hope and wellbeing to the viewer.

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Elements of Design

When it comes to Dr. Majmudar, there is no need for fancy aesthetics. When you have over 20 years in the dentistry industry, you can afford to trade glam and glitz for patient education. The navigation menu features several educational patient videos under the learn more tab. When you click on any of the services, in particular, you are redirected to a new web page where the service is broken down more in detail.

Patient Videos

Educating and informing your patients can a long way in building a trustworthy relationship. Gaining the trust and commitment of the patient is the initial, and most important step of the process. To keep up with all the information on the website, we used square borders to frame everything accordingly. As stated earlier, the wide white background lends itself nicely for optimal digestion.

When something looks appealing or different, we tend to gravitate towards it by nature. When visitors first enter the website, they will notice an interactive chat menu available for them on the right side of the web page. This allows patients to send a direct message to Dr.  Majumudar herself! Not only does this add a hint of distractibility and flair to the website, but it also can also be a great way to engage new or skeptical patients.

Marketing Aspect

Connecting with your patients on a more personal level can truly make the task of seeing a dentist much easier. No one likes a doctor who is boring and unrelatable! Dr. Majmudar made sure this was not the case with her website.

SSL Security

The testimonials on her website feature her credibility and diversity as a doctor. There are also links to her Facebook page and Google page on the top banner as well. Dental work is far from cheap; dentists know this as well. Dr. Majmudar made sure to help her patients by providing special promotions on her website. There are promotions and service discounts for both returning and new patients!

Blogging and educational videos are also two innovative ways to generate increased web content and user engagement. When patients get a sense of reliability and trust from your website, they are more willing to commit to swinging by the office. To top it all off, the California veterans understand how important it is to keep patient information secure. As a result, they have incorporated SSL Security in their website. This means that patient information will be inaccessible to hackers around the world.

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