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Royal Oak Dental Group

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Overview of the Design

The Royal Oak Dental Group is a large group of experienced dental practitioners who provide comprehensive dental services to patients at multiple locations. Because the practice covers a broad range of services and a large service area, we wanted to create a multi-functional custom dental website that serves as an online center point for all of the practices combined. We feel that this carefully created design accurately portrays the friendly and professional image of the practice and its impressive reputation for quality care.

The home page is primarily dedicated to showing visitors the many faces of the practice and the various locations available in the greater Raleigh area. Other pages within the site allow for greater exploration of the history of the practice, as well as the services and procedures available at each location.

Use of Colors


The colors on this website compliment the shades found in Royal Oak Dental Group’s logo. We opted for subtle shades of blue and white, which allow for inconspicuous segmentation throughout the website. We feel that the color blue is synonymous with dental and medical professionals, and it pairs well with the colors found in the home page imagery.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a traditionally built website with some progressive design elements. For example, the navigational menu is somewhat discreet, hidden in the corner as an expandable ‘small menu’. The site also features scrolling images and responsive links to outside reviews on the practice’s social media accounts.

Marketing Aspect

General dentistry marketing is highly competitive – especially for dentists operating in crowded markets. For the Royal Oak custom dental website, we wanted to present multiple opportunities to schedule an appointment, both on the home page and throughout the website. One of the most effective marketing tools we used, however, was the use of real office reviews from third-party review websites. For those still skeptical, we also included a smile gallery with real before-and-after photos depicting the types of results new patients might expect to achieve after visiting Royal Oak Dental Group.


Image the Website Reflects

Without a doubt, this dental web design projects a friendly and professional image. The pictures show the faces of the entire office staff at each location – not just the dentists. This gives the impression that Royal Oak Dental Group operates like one big family. Visitors may find this refreshing and unpretentious. They may also feel more comfortable getting to know the people depicted in the images before their first appointments.

Royal Oak Dental Group Website Designed by Optimized360

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