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Overview of the Design

Rocky Mountain Urological Institute provides specialty services to urology patients who are looking for more than the typical standards of care. This practice attracts patients from far outside its local region due to its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in medical care and the use of technology. This web design is based on a modern layout with some updated features, including a scrolling header image and specific areas of the website – concierge services and the doctor bio page – that are meant to stand out.

Within the website, we make it easy for first time site guests to request an appointment or to find out more information about Rocky Mountain Urological Institute. We include an extensive patient education section, testimonials from patients, and downloadable new patient forms that reduce the amount of time spent in the waiting room during a visit.

Use of Colors

Blue and brown are the colors of choice for this website since they correspond to the colors in the logo. However, they are also decidedly masculine, which is appealing for the many male patients this practice serves. Furthermore, since urology can incite apprehension in the mind of some individuals, the blue was also chosen as a background color to create a calming effect throughout the site.

Analysis of Design Elements

Instead of using a full-screen width image, we chose a standard width layout with scrolling images at the top of the home page. When each image loads, the practice tag line moves into place: “Where Excellence Meets Experience.” We lowered the navigational menu below the header image where the eye is naturally drawn on the home page. Potential patients can navigate to alternative pages, or they can read an introduction to the practice and view an image of its staff.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing for urologists is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. In this website, we spotlighted the technological advancements that this practice has embraced, as well as its commitment to being at the forefront of cutting edge medical treatments. Site visitors are encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to their care, even if it means traveling just to gain access to this practice’s groundbreaking medical care.

Image the Website Represents

Far too often, men who visit urologists are embarrassed or frustrated by the conditions that plague them. That is why we chose images for this website that seem to portray urological patients regaining control of their lives and enjoying living active lifestyles with the people they love most – all with nothing to hold them back. On a subtler level, we also include pictures of the doctors themselves, which may help some patients feel more comfortable with an initial visit to the Rocky Mountain Urological Institute.

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