Robert J. Malone, DDS

Robert J. Malone, DDS

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Dr. Robert J Malone manages his own Family Comfort Dentistry in Escondido, California. Having over 30 years of experience in the dentistry field, Dr. Malone wanted to focus his custom-built website on celebrating the distinctions that differentiate his office from other local dentistries.

Design Overview

To complement Dr. Malone’s goal, we went with a modernized website design. When first-time web visitors enter the website, they will immediately be captured by the alternating image gallery that radiates over the home page. Not only does this create a beautiful aesthetic, but also helps readers zone in on the different services and procedures offered at the dentistry. Heading down the home page, there is a short but simple mission statement and an appointment-maker.  The home page is all about using crisp, modern images that help convey a sense of helpfulness and optimism while also highlighting the services offered.

Use of Color

We utilized a simple color theme of turquoise and yellow to create nature-like scenery. In addition to the professional still shots provided by the images, the colors help add another layer of visuals. We primarily used yellow to highlight calls to action on the home page and navigation bar. Green serves as a secondary highlighter. When placed side by side, the colors add a memorable aesthetic to the site.

Elements of Design

The about us tab on our navigation menu features Dr. Malone’s core beliefs. We use the wide, white background to our advantage by spacing everything out evenly. The text is established in square borders to hold everything in place. The navigation bar also always available near the top of the web page. The navigation bar also has drop-down elements that provide patients with more information.

The our services tab, as the name suggests, features the services that Dr. Malone offers. Each treatment page is properly structured with guided instructions for incoming patients. When you click on the individual treatments, you are redirected to a new page that breaks the procedure down in more detail.

Images the Website Represents

All the images on the website are taken from Dr. Malone’s office itself. Not only does this add a more personable touch to the website, but it also shows the dedication and effort Dr. Malone places towards developing his craft. When patients feel as if the professional taking care of them is more personable and inviting, they are more likely to become relaxed and ease up. Dental anxiety is a huge factor to consider in each and every dental operation. The images on the website reflect the professional manner that Dr. Malone operates under.

Marketing Aspect


With so many different appliances and services available at Dr. Malone’s office, first impressions are huge! To help generate more website traffic, we created several links to help market their promotions and offers. There are also testimonials and widgets of their social media located conveniently throughout the website.

Under the patient tab, patients may download several forms before heading towards an appointment. Not only is this a great way to commit patients to an appointment, but to also spend less time in a waiting room and more time spent on the stuff that truly matters. Showing results matter! Dr. Malone understands this and made sure to include a before-and-after photo gallery to highlight his previous work.



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