Richardson Psychiatric Associates (New Castle Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment Specialist) – New Castle, DA

Richardson Psychiatric Associates (New Castle Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment Specialist) – New Castle, DA

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Richardson Psychiatric Associates offers patients psychiatric treatment for all ages. Promising the very best treatment and services around through their highly competent and caring clinicians, we made it our personal mission to match their strive and determination when we designed their custom website design.

Design Overview

The psychiatric practice emphasizes service and patient care more than anything else. Our job was to let the philosophy and core values of this practice shine through the custom website we designed on their behalf. The homepage is extremely simplistic, even almost bare. We made sure that visitors could get the information they needed with ease. The homepage primarily served as a gateway to display the different services offered – all utilized square borders to align both the text and images. We also used the bottom portion of the homepage to emphasize patients to schedule an appointment by including the office contact information.


Use of Colors

Images are a great way to capture a reader’s attention. We made sure to use images that reflected the specialty at hand. Incoming visitors are greeted with smiling, joyful faces that can calm any sort of anxiety they may have. The website primarily uses a mixture of yellow and blue, set against a white background. Having a white background allows potential patients to surf around on the website without feeling cluttered. White also helps add credibility and professionalism as well.

Blue – We wanted to complement the specialty by using blue to soothe and calm the patients. Blue is synonymous with healthcare and any sort of medical specialty.

Yellow – Yellow serves as another background color that is not too soft, but also not too harsh on the eyes. Yellow is synonymous with calming and soothing. The opacity change for the menu and call to action block in the header helps add to the soothing sensation as well. Yellow also is featured more brightly on call to action buttons, increasing the chances of readers interacting with them.

Call to actions are important to creating increased web traffic Here is a how-to Youtube video on how to use CTA buttons on your own website!

Analysis of Design Elements

The site is designed to integrate volume with style. On most pages, there is a gliding effect that catches the reader’s attention. This full-width design was created to be a highly visual representation of a modern website. Another unique feature is the integrated maps to the office and the appointment request form that is located on the contact page. No one likes a slow website. We balanced information with aesthetic simplicity to ensure that the site would be responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

Space is expertly managed throughout the site. The frames, text, and images are all legible and blend in symmetry with each other. The services page offers a large amount of volume for readers to digest. We integrated different fonts, letterings, and alternative links to help reader engagement. You can find these tactics all throughout the site.

Marketing Aspect

Overall, the website’s optimal color scheme in addition to the simplistic layout makes it a great medium for both young and older patients. All the web pages are accessible and easy to find along the nature-like color theme. Everything is direct and to the point – patients are always the number one priority!

There is also a dedicated tab on the navigation menu for first-time users as well. Psychiatric treatment can come off as ludicrous to some. We made sure to derail or debunk any anxiety by ensuring patients with ample amount of service information, including an FAQ.

Image the Website Reflects

With such a delicate niche at work, gaining the trust and commitment of the patient is the initial, and most important step of the process. We made sure the images and visuals on the site clearly reflected that. Even at first glance, Richardson Psychiatric Associates come off as serene and trustworthy. From the soothing color theme to the nature-filled images on the home page, all aspects of the site design clearly welcome the web visitors.

When designing any website, it is important that the images clearly resonate with your target audience. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to use images on your website to increase audience engagement.

Richardson Psychiatric Associates Mental Health Website by Optimized360

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