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Overview of the Design

When designing a custom surgical eye center website, we recognize the importance of quality, information, and extreme attention to detail. For The Retina Institute, this meant creating a space that highlights the practice’s cutting edge technology, advanced procedures, and knowledgeable physicians. Right away, we acknowledged the surgical center’s New Orleans location, but invited patients from all over the country to come experience what sets The Retina Institute apart from the rest.

We chose a traditional layout, complete with an upper navigational bar and dynamic imagery. Next, we put special attention on some of the specific treatments the practice wanted to spotlight, such as treatments for diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, and macular degeneration. After a brief intro the practice and its success record, we also implemented quick links for more information about specific eye conditions. The remainder of the website includes patient reviews, an introduction to the doctor, and an extensive patient resource and education section.

Use of Colors

For this website, blues, reds, and purples set the stage. The deep, rich blue-purple colors lend mystery and depth to the website. Much like the eye itself, it speaks of a detail-centered space that has much more to offer than is evident on the surface.

Analysis of Design Elements

Because this website’s viewership is primarily individuals with eye and vision-related conditions, we included a font adjustment feature at the top of the home page. This allows readers to increase the size of the type font according to their needs.  We also created a secondary home page menu area with imaged tile links that respond to the user when the mouse hovers over them. Finally, we implemented multimedia design elements through home page videos that deliver information in a way other than text.

Further into the website, we create dedicated spaces for both new patients and referring doctors. New patients can find paperwork, directions, and all the information they need about insurance in one convenient place. Much of the same information is provided in the referring doctor’s section, only with the added convenience of an integrated new patient referral form.

Marketing Aspect

Marketing is very important for a surgical eye center website, specifically because patients come from all over the country for quality care. In addition to organic optimization strategies, we also utilize scrolling home page reviews that share real patient experiences with the practice. Also, links to social media accounts make it easy to follow The Retina Institute on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google Plus.

Image the Website Reflects

This website reflects the skill and precision necessary to successfully operate in micro-surgery procedures. The home page image exploits the detail of the human eye and all that goes on beneath the surface. The same is true of The Retina Institute, which employs highly skilled and experienced surgeons who understand the delicate components of the eye and how they work together for benefit of the patient.

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