Radiance Wellness Medi Spa

Radiance Wellness Medi Spa

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Are you planning to open a facility that targets customers who know what they want and are eager to get started? A design similar to that of Radiance Wellness Medi Spa may be perfect for you; it provides immediate access to a menu of information at the top, complete with a phone number for those who are ready to pick up the phone and make an appointment. For those seeking more information, there’s even a link to an informative blog. Warm and inviting with a splash of style, something like this custom design would be an excellent choice for those in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Overview Of The Design

This website opens with a promise, the promise of what visiting spa can do for you, and a quick direction to how you can schedule a consultation to get on the move towards those results. Warmth and a soft smile greet you combined with contact information and immediate access to their list of resources. The frequent and knowledgeable customer is being courted from the opening page, but additional information is immediately at their fingertips.

Use Of Colors

Radiance Wellness Logo

Browns, golds, yellows, and oranges all come together to create a warm atmosphere that serves to both calm and welcome visitors to the site. The well-balanced blue provides a subtle air of trust and comfort to the viewer, while the white aspects of the featured service provide an air of sophistication and professionalism. The soft lavenders chosen in two of the images continue the theme of trust, calm, and relaxation evident in the sites overall color scheme.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Radiance Wellness Services

This website starts with a presentation that is intended to persuade the visitor to immediately make an appointment. Information is available by just scrolling down, but it’s clear that this website targets those who are ready to make an engage and connect, then get on with their busy day. The overall color design and style of the site will encourage them to linger, a subtle message that relaxation is not just needed, but here is a place that will provide it. This immediate understanding of your visitor’s needs will help put them at ease and have them picking up the phone to speak with a representative of your business.

Marketing Aspect

Straightforward, direct, quick. These three elements are visible when you first visit the page. Want to make an appointment? Pick up the phone or click the link. Want to learn more about the services offered? There’s a drop-down at the top, or you can quickly scroll down for a more visual representation. Everything about this site is streamlined to get the customer on and off the site with an appointment for relaxation on their calendar.

Radiance Wellness CTA

The Image this Website Reflects

Professionalism, comfort, relaxation for the busy executive. This site is targeting a higher grade of clientele, those who need to get up, get out, get gone when their day starts, and need their luxuries to respect their busy lifestyle. Everything on this site is designed to display that message and get them on the phone to make an appointment. Additionally, this design shows that once you come to an appointment, you’ll be coming back again.

Radiance Wellness Medi Spa Website Designed by Optimized360

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