Quality Dental Care, Dr. Tariq Shiyab DDS – St Johns, FL

Quality Dental Care, Dr. Tariq Shiyab DDS – St Johns, FL

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Dr. Tariq Shiyab, owner of Quality Dental Care is all about patient satisfaction. He also makes this extremely obvious through his website design. Featuring an extensive navigation menu and bright colors, Dr. Shiyab’s website is the perfect balance between modern and professional.

Design Overview

When you first enter the site, you are greeted with a revolving image gallery that pops out. The full-width navigation throughout the website allows a clean and spacious interface for users to roam as they please. The navigation menu offers easy access to the services Dr. Shiyab offers along with specials and information on his emergency dental operations. His homepage features several testimonials and an interactive map for incoming traffic to view.

Emergency Services

Use of Color

To match the specialty, we went with a white and light blue color scheme. Blue is known to soothe and relax. When you place that over a large white background, you get a harmonious contrast that just works well, simply put. With the more important call to actions like scheduling an appointment or making an emergency visit, this sort of information is drawn to users using the color red to emphasize.


Design Elements

We integrated square borders throughout the website to help scale the wide open space on the website. The images used on the website are all modern and professional. There are even some featuring the doctor himself! There is accessible contact information scattered throughout the webpage. When in doubt, head to the top of the webpage. There will be multiple widgets that have all the contact information you need. To top it off, we designed a colorful, personalized logo for the website for a hint of bravado that matches Dr. Shiyab’s dedication to his patients.

Marketing Aspect:

SSL Security

One standout feature that Dr. Shiyab has over other similar specialties is his understanding of emergencies. He offers emergency dental services, even on a Saturday! We made sure we highlighted this important feature on our navigation menu. He also caters to those in need by offering printable coupons and promotions (also located on the navigation menu). Placed strategically right next to the personalized logo is his reward for being one of the best doctors of 2017. As one of the best doctors of 2017, he has also added SSL security to his website. This means that hackers will have a hard time accessing important client information. This is due to encryption that occurs between the database and servers. Even if hackers do somehow get a hold of this information, they can not do anything dangerous due to encryption.

Image the Website Represents

This image demonstrates an inviting office that respects its clienteles time.  Information is prominently available, the site is full of uplifting imagery and color, and you’re always just a couple clicks away from connecting with the office.  Further information is available through easy to find links, allowing the more inquisitive customer to find the additional information they desire.

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