Premier Dental of South Orange County

Premier Dental of South Orange County

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Overview of Design

Premier Dental of South Orange County is a fun, laid-back dental practice that knows how to make patients feel right at home. Building a custom general dentistry website for this practice was exciting, since it meant creating a modern, colorful space that would help it stand out from the competition in sunny SoCal. Right away, we offered visitors an opportunity to schedule an appointment or contact the office by phone. Moving down the page, we welcomed guests and familiarized them with some of the featured services offered at the office. Then, we provided a quick introduction to Dr. Bradford and Dr. Pham before rounding out the home page with links to the practice’s social media accounts.

The remainder of the website is largely informational, catering to visitors who prefer extensive research on their dentist of choice before making an appointment. We provided an array of information, including an introduction to the dental team, a listing of services provided, and access to real patient testimonials and results. We also included a comprehensive patient information library, which helps answer questions about dental treatments, conditions, and procedures.

Use of Colors

This is one of the most colorful general dentist websites we have built. In keeping with the beach and ocean theme, we opted for bright blue and beige – colors that are both familiar and exciting. For many, the beach is a ‘happy place’. The idea behind these colors was to bring that happy place to the dental office, making routine dental visits something to look forward to rather than avoid.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website included a full-screen width background to help maximize the use of space on both desktops and mobile devices. We also included some subtle effects within this website to compliment the modern tone of the practice. In the featured services area of the home page, classic black and white photo links come to life with color when visitors move their mouse over the images.

Marketing Aspect

There are multiple opportunities throughout the website to schedule a first-time appointment, as well as a prominent phone number atop each page for visitors to call and speak with a team member in person. We also integrated links to social media accounts so that new and potential patients could connect with the office and keep up with new and current information as it becomes available. Finally, we worked to sell viewers by boasting of real patient experiences, as well as the accolades received by the practice as a Premier Provider of Invisalign several years in a row.

Image the Website Represents

There’s something vibrant and energetic about blue waves lapping upon a beach. It’s an image all too familiar to Californians in Aliso Viejo, and incorporating this type of imagery into this general dentistry web design helps locals better identify with the practice. The combination of crystal clear water, bright blue skies, and sunlight shining upon a smiling face on the home page makes Premier Dental of South Orange County seem like a relaxing place to see a dentist. We chose a front-page model with minimal makeup and a more natural appearance to help welcome the ‘everyday’ patient to the office.

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