Pioneer Medical Imaging (Manasquan Heart and Brain Imaging Specialist) – Manasquan, NJ

Pioneer Medical Imaging (Manasquan Heart and Brain Imaging Specialist) – Manasquan, NJ

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Pioneer Medical Imaging is focused on providing state of the art, non-invasive, diagnostic cardiac testing to the New Jersey community. Patients who visit the website would surely have some sort of apprehension or worry. We made sure that the website would be reassuring and comforting to provide a great first impression to the entire patient experience.

Design Overview

To set out an immediate feeling of comfort and being at home, we went with a traditional, clean website design that was open and spacious. This would allow more information to be filled on each page, without coming off as too technical or modern. We were dealing with an older audience, we made sure to design accordingly. The homepage is simple and highlights the different services offered, accompanied by professional photos as well.

Use of Colors

We wanted to ensure that patients entered the office free of frazzled nerves or any form of anxiety. We used a dark navy blue to accentuate the wide, white background. The navy blue gives off a serious and professional tone that reflects the professional mannerisms used by Pioneer Medical. We also included gradients on the text blocks for a touch of modernism without overdoing the design. Altogether, the navy blue serves as a synonymous reminder to the incoming patients that they are in the right hands.

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Analysis of Design Elements

Everything in the design gives the sense of ease and comfort that any client was will look for. The well-organized navigation bar does an excellent job of presenting the unique approach the facility takes, introducing their philosophy, and the doctors involved. We also included a slideshow with parallax effect on the testimonial page. We also added hovering effects on call to action buttons as well to draw readers to interact.

Marketing Aspect

Catered to an older audience group, all the pictures and videos on the website are a clear reflection of the hustle and work that goes into handling each procedure. We have included a convenient contact form at the bottom of each page as a call to action. We made sure that all the text boxes were placed strategically to the point where nothing was particularly overpowering. Everything is legible and clear for viewership. When designing any website, navigation and design are key to engaging customers. We made sure to incorporate only the best professional shots to enhance the reader’s attention. Medical imaging is all about the details; so is optimal website design.

Image the Website Reflects

The overall image of the website reflects the friendly nature of the company. The smiling patients and professionals all add a sense of security. All the images feature older professionals, representing wisdom and experience within the field.

Pioneer Medical Imaging Healthcare Website by Optimized360

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