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When Dr. Marc R. Singer came to us and asked us to design a website for him that was approachable, professional, and simple, we knew exactly what to do. Collectively, we wanted to maintain a clean look while incorporating some interest and found creative ways to do it along the way with Dr. Singer’s collaboration. The simple design of this website focuses on the needs of the patient and a direct connection to the services offered.

Overview Of The Design

There are many subtle elements to this website, a necessary approach when asked to keep things nice and simple. There’s a prominent smile from an attractive female patient framed against a washed-out aerial view of the community that this facility services. Everything about this website is easily accessible and clean and is meant to provide a simple view that doesn’t overwhelm the patient or the website with visual noise. From the very beginning, it’s clear that it was designed to help the prospective patient navigate the website with ease, and to examine it at their leisure.

Use Of Colors

The website makes good use of the varying shades of white, including subtle undertones of pink and lavender, blending in well with the splashes of blue found in the buttons and text. Throughout the site, you’ll find that no single element overpowers another and that even the images are intended to stay with that clean white appearance. Professionalism, calm, and promise are found throughout this color scheme, lending the website a clean look that focuses on the services they offer without overwhelming everything.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Looking at the design elements of this website we find patients that are happy with the results they’ve received, veneers and emergency dentistry advertisements showing clear success and hope of a beautiful smile restored, and the latest in technologies being used. The sole exception is sleep apnea, where it isn’t hope and change that is being appealed to, but empathy with a patient suffering from an ongoing weariness without end, and snoring that disrupts their lives. For those suffering from sleep apnea, this level of understanding was deemed far more critical than a hopeful future they may not be able to immediately relate to.

Marketing Aspect

The marketing approach to this website is clear, focusing on ease of accessibility and encouragement to find information about your services. Throughout the website, there are subtle calls to connect with the clinic, to make an appointment, and to follow them on social media. Everything about this design is focused on taking action, but without pressing the patient to do so, a sort of confidence that with the availability of services and information about them, they’ll prove they’re the right choice.

The Image this Website Reflects

Clean, direct, clinical care with a friendly smile. This website doesn’t focus on a particular theme or selling point outside of providing the services the patient or visitor is looking for. This approach is essential when you’re dealing with a community familiar with high-pressure sales, especially in a metropolitan area.

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