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This website was designed to cater to the youngest dental patients and those who have yet to develop a fear of going to the dentist. The playful, childlike elements of the website make it clear to parents who are visiting that these are professionals who don’t just know how to serve children but have a passion for providing them with a welcoming environment that will make their dental visits a thing to look forward to, not dread.

Overview Of The Design

Bright, comforting blues, a panoply of primary colors, smiling faces and groups of children having fun, and playful animated characters that are recognizable from every stage of these young patients lives are laced through the website at every turn. From the choice of font to the dancing links, researching your child’s dental visit becomes something they’ll want to participate in, or at least will keep them smiling while visitors scroll through the website.

Use Of Colors

Bright, playful colors are used throughout the website to help children looking over the shoulders of their parents be excited about the upcoming trip. For those who can read, it’s a child-friendly way to familiarize them with the practices and the treatments that are to come, while for those too young to read it’s a visual treat. The rainbow pattern of the clinic’s name at the top of the website, bright tooth colored balloons, and the dancing colorful cartoon characters all help to soothe a child’s fears and instead build excitement.

Analysis Of Design Elements

The entire design of this website is playful, from the dancing characters at the top to the sudden reveal of a zoo’s worth of wild animals appearing from behind a wall of leaves above the treatment options. The images of children are all of bright, smiling youngsters having the times of their lives helping to create a sense of excitement and playfulness associated with the practitioner and their visits to the dentist.

Marketing Aspect

From a simple design aspect, the website focuses on marketing to those with children of a certain age. While it’s clear that they serve children of all ages, the images here are all of older children from those with a full set of teeth to those almost old enough to move on to a more traditional dentist. There are lots of testimonials from pleased parents talking about the great experience their children had, and prominently visible ‘Make an Appointment’ forms that also serve to harvest visitor’s email addresses for your mailing lists.

The Image this Website Reflects

A playful, happy experience for children who are brought to this dental office. Everything about this website’s design says that the practitioners know children and the concerns they face, and want this office to be about them. Children often have a deep fear about going to the dentist, and this website is aimed at addressing those fears before they arrive. The information on the website addresses the concerned parent who may have children who already have a fear of the dentist, or want to know the methods the office offers for helping these young patients have a comfortable dental visit.


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