Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery (Dallas TX Cosmetic Surgery) – Dallas, TX

Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery (Dallas TX Cosmetic Surgery) – Dallas, TX

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Dallas Texas is home to some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery, ran respectably by Dr. Grant Gilliland, Dr. John Harrington, and Dr. Ivan Vreck, is one key highlight. Just like the team of doctors, we went out of our way to create a website that was innovative, modern, and sleek in comparison to the competition. Texas Eye Plastics was built to complement general surgeons. With modern style and clean interface allowing open visitor interaction, it is no surprise to see these Texan doctors stomping out the competition.

Overview of Design

We wanted to create an interface that would reflect the hard work the doctors at Texas Eye Plastics put out. With an open interface with sleek navigation, the website comes utilizes a square theme in addition to personable pictures to capture the viewers. There is a plethora of information on the navigation menu alone. Everything on the design layout is spaced evenly and with a purpose. One standout feature of the site is its use of floating images along with professional still-shots as a video background. The site also features a parallax effect as well on the homepage in particular.

Use of Color/Design Elements

With the site being for surgeons, we integrated a soft blue and white color theme to match the profession. This is also easier on the eyes for incoming patients. We used an ample amount of white space on the background to proper adequate spacing and navigation room for incoming visitors. In addition, white also implies a sense of professionalism and works well when blended into the blue-based visuals that encompass the website. Blue gives a sense of hope and optimism to the visitors as well.

Blue Hue Examples

Pair the legible screen font and colors with the aesthetics of the videos, and you have the recipe for a modernized website. When you click on any tab on the navigation bar, you are led to more information along with more amazing pictures. When designing a page layout, we always ensure that even the color scheme of the picture matches the style of the website. As an added bonus, we subtly used the addition of square boxing when designing the website. This helps create a more visually pleasing experience for the readers.

Marketing Aspect

Testimonial Examples

Texas Eye Plastics has a long history of repeat clients with certified results. We made sure to highlight those in his website design by integrating a multitude of pleasant reviews on his testimonial page. Marketing and contact information is also visibly placed near the top of the web page and on the navigation menu. The site is also SSL secured as well to prevent any nasty hackers from leaking important customer information as well.  The videos informationals they provide throughout their gallery is an excellent display and portfolio of some of their most recent work.

Image the Website Represents

When dealing with reconstruction, you want to make sure that the images you use on the website match the tone and manner of the profession. We balanced fun with professionalism with the images used on the website. We made sure to make the images and slogans were family-friendly for both the younger and older audiences. The blue hues surrounding the website also help create an impression that is both approachable and professional.

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