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Overview of the Practice

Dr. Lawler and the team at Integrity Interventional Pain Management are dedicated to improving quality of life for people who are living with chronic or acute pain. Building a custom website for anesthesiologists and pain management practices means offering a sense of optimism to new visitors who want to believe a pain-free life is not only possible, but probable. In this design, we put a modern twist on a traditional layout with the goal of establishing familiarity and ease. The overall tone for the website is one of knowledge and expertise – something that is important for a practice that offers results-oriented services.

The home page provides multiple opportunities to contact the office and request a consultation. In the first few seconds after arriving at the site, visitors already know it is bilingual practice that uses proven techniques to treat a wide range of issues, including headaches, neck pain and back pain. They are also introduced to Dr. Lawler himself and met with testimonials from real-life patients who have had positive experiences at the practice. For the convenience of existing patients, a secure portal links directly to patient accounts. Finally, we closed out the home page with an integrated appointment request form and a link to Integrity Interventional Pain Management’s social media accounts.

Use of Colors

This site’s bold header is dark blue, a color that is representative of trust and wisdom. It also indicates that the practice is a stable and dependable force in the fight against chronic pain. The remainder of the website features subtle gradients of gray and white, which seem to brighten the website and provide a sense of hope and sanguinity. These shades are a stark contrast to the louder colors found in the various images on the site, which are meant to stand out to the viewer.

Analysis of Design Elements

Anesthesiologist web design does not have to be flashy, but it does need to be professional and effective. Our goal was to maximize space on the site with a full-width design. We minimized the use of special effects in this site, although it still contains responsive features, as well as images and testimonials that are on an automated scroll. The primary emphasis in this pain management practice web design is on the content therein. Viewers have access to an extensive patient education section that provides in-depth explanations of the specific types of pain management services offered by the practice and the types of conditions they treat.

Marketing Aspect

With Dr. Lawler’s experience and reputation, there was no need to ‘sell’ the practice; his experience and the testimonials of his patients do it for him. However, we did include subdued elements meant to elude to the professionalism of the office, including cursive fonts and links to various articles and publications. Look closely, and viewers will also notice the local roots of this North Jersey practice with home page imagery depicting a scene locals would know and love.

Image the Website Reflects

The images scrolling on the home page showcase people of all ages and backgrounds – especially those who lead active lifestyles and older patients who might be more prone to painful injuries, joint problems, or health conditions. The pictures seem to show happy, pain-free individuals who have gotten their lives back despite the challenges they may have faced.

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